Black screen, can’t invite? Try this


If after you hit attack, you see the invite screen for like 1/10th of a second and then it goes black except for your avatar on the left side, try these workarounds:

  1. Take a screenshot, that makes it visible for me. I was doing a SS to send in for the big and noticed it fixed the problem - for that run only. Clearly not a fix, but it’s a workaround.

  2. Tap madly in the center of the screen where the invite buttons n WOULD be.

  3. drag down from upper right to show the control panel and tap to dismiss it. You get about 1 second to see the UI on the screen. You can click the buttons once the screen goes black, but seeing right where the buttons are can be helpful, especially in the avatar selection screen when you want to change to a non-animated avatar.

Bug info:

The bug does not occur on my iPad Air 3 running iOS 14.4.

My older Air2 was fine on the last 13.x version until I finally upgraded it to 14.4 today. I deleted and reinstalled the app, power cycled the iPad, etc, no luck in fixing the problem, but the two workarounds I mentioned work until PG can supply a fix.

It being able to invite means you cannot have anyone follow you for rad hits, war runs, atlas hits, invader runs for cpu for new baby dragons, etc.


i have the same issue.
but i found a way, that if you have a second app open (i forgot what it is called in ios) and swipe right to open, it shows your invite screeen.
as a temporary solution

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Animated portraits seem to cause this. Have seen this bug on my iphone 8+ and ipad 2018. Both have i(pad)OS 14.4.

This also happens in portrait selection dialog if you tap on an animated portrait. Be prepared to tap blindly on an unanimated one…

Oddly enough, a screenshot looks as if everything is just fine. But actually isn’t.

Took a photo of the portrait dialog after tapping animated avatar:


Same issue here.

I’ve tried re-installing the game as well. Only able to see the invite option if I turn the volume up or down on my device (iPhone) for a couple seconds continuously doing it. Yes, animated avatars seem to be the issue. I changed almost every animated avatar I have and all give me a black screen.

I had this problem. But found the answer in Help. So they know about it.

  • Black Screen during Battle Preparation for players on iOS 14.4 (DRG-97558) (Investigating)
    Workaround - Change to a non animated portrait

i dont have ios 14.4

Yup, not using one helps. Not sure if the person you are hitting’s avatar is also a problem, but I’d lay odds it is.

Seems to be animated avatars in IOS14 (possibly 14.14 only) as I changed my avatar on the other iPad and it suddenly had the problem too.

Seems I’m late to the game in this. I don’t change avatars much.


I’m fairly sure it is I don’t have an animated portrait and it still happens.

Using your volume rocker to set the volume either higher or lower will also give you about a second of screen visibility. IMO, it’s the easiest and least invasive option.

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Same issue on iPad Pro 10.5”

I’ve heard animated avatars contribute to it but haven’t tested it yet.

I have changed to non-animated and it still does the black screen for invites.

I had to change my Avarar as well when I experienced this issue.

iOS 7+ running 14.4, started after 14.4 update.