Black screen in atlas

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is anyone else having a black screen in atlas and you can’t see anything ?
Myself and a team mate are experiencing this today. Both of us on Apple devices.



Yes also apple sometimes opens then eggs cannot be collected as screen blank. any attack seems to stutter to be fair stuttering has been a problem for a long time mainly with a defender but happens quite often.


Ah ok. So it’s happening to you in regular game and atlas screen ?

Same here. Ever since the update. I guess we should report it to support.


Yup same problem

Happened to me too until I updated iOS.


No sry open atlas then you usually press a button on the left and get a choice of three things eggs being one it is this that is blank even when atlas opens

It is not a matter of the Os update. I run 14.8. It happens when you access the event and then Atlas. If you access Atlas normally, without touching the event, then Atlas works fine.

If you at any time touch the event, then Atlas presents black screen when you try to manage any castle of your team, when you try to access the atlas event and if you hit the chat, it remains open, without you being able to close it.

Till it is fixed, I get in normal game, do what I have to do. Then do Atlas stuff. When finished, I then touch the breed event. Haven’t seen any other work around till now.


Having the same problem. Atlas works fine until you touch the atlas even, then screen goes black and you can’t do anything except exit the game and restart it.

Same, some pages work others are completely black

same issue with atlas here, doesn’t happen all the time but often enough that it’s infuriating

Just did my iOS update like ModMat suggested and mine’s fine now. Do your iOS updates and see if that fixes it, please?


i do have th black screen in Atlas ad its very annoying. yes it on both on my apple devices

I cross checked to be sure. But mine is already updated to iOS 14.8. So not fixed here.

We’re looking into this! Thank you for the reports folks.


I have to agree with @ConAngel, tried to open the event and black screen appeared again…

We just need to wait a bit :relaxed:

Thanks for clarifying, now I can avoid the main event and should be good. Was confused why it had worked one time and then not all the others. Cos of their event icon wiggle that says there’s something to collect every time you log in even when there ain’t lol. Gets me every time. I will be strong and avoid going towards the light!

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Noooo. Please don’t be strong. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

y’all too :eyes:

all right folks, our team just made an adjustment to resolve the black screen issue. can someone please check out atlas and confirm?