Black screen of death is back

Sometimes when trying to load features in atlas the entire screen goes black and you have to reload the game.


This happens when tapping on the event icon multiple times before its loaded when you first load atlas. Will fix this in a future update, but for now only tap once and wait for it to load. Don’t be impatient like me and tap multiple times causing the black screen.


I feel like you’re asking a lot here…

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Nope, this happens every time I try and enter the atlas event or collect my daily tribute, only since the update and every single time.

The fix requires an app store update, so unfortunately there isn’t much else to be done until then.

Haha patience it is :weary:

You can resolve this without quitting the game (usually) because things are still responsive…

I tap around until windows pop up, then I cancel out of them… worst case I tap the top right corner to exit Atlas.

It is still quite annoying, and happens at least once a day, if not more often.
(And I don’t double tap the Atlas icon when entering it)

ran into this, double clicked due to spinner icon in center getting washed out in background of atlas map. might help to do something to make this more apparent. higher contrast, larger icon, or icon w/ set background color

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