Black screen of death

So ever since the most recent update my screen on my Galaxy s8+ goes black… Alot. I can be sitting waiting for war waves or doing xp runs or doing event stuff and poof, the screen just goes black.

There is no rhyme or reason I can see for it to occur, I’ve had it happen while selecting a dragon for a run or doing nothing but chatting.

Checking the old forums talks about memory issues possibly but I don’t have many apps I keep on my phone in the first place so I doubt that’s the case and it’s only cropped up since this most recent update.

Has anyone else been having this issue or found a fix?

Android does that. Not seen a fix, nor do I believe it is a player side thing.
You will prob find it being said that it is a known issue with those. Of course it is, sammy s series is prob the most popular android phones out so there will be a lot of hits.

The worst is when it does it going into battle. Can still hear stuff going on and shoot, but just cant see anything.

Galaxy phones seem to hate War Dragons. Is the phone get hot when it goes black? And have you tried messing with changing the screen resolution?

We’ll have to see if it gets better after the 4.0 release.

happens to me on daily basis. Have to forced close at least 5 times for the “App is not responding” message so you successfully close the app

Yep in addition to a multitude of other issues, the black screen is one. It freaked me out the first time because I thought I broke my phone, lol. I have the note 8.

my regular S8 works fine :thinking:

You might be able to put Ad Hell 2 on there and turn some of the junk off, but be careful.

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