Black Screen on Event Entr

Getting a lanscren ever time I try to AcceSs he Event.

Anyone else ing s. Ben K tin

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Yeah, that’s all I am getting to.

Just started happening to me too

Same here

My team is noticing the same. Black screen but still shows notification banners.

Everyone on my team is too

Entire team having that issue.

@PGGalileo Can’t open event, goes to blach screen

Same here

Everyone here too

Event is idiotic, glitchy and now…DARK
Just brilliant, pun intended

Yep, same here

Hahaha - yeah, VERY apt

Been happening to me for a while

You can only attack with an all dark dragon roster and only if they all have maxed mythic gear. It’s their specialty :joy:

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For a better visuell of the problem …


@PGGalileo I’m assuming you guys are doing work on event right now, so that’s why it won’t work?

They finally fixed the event :smiley:

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yes, this is because we’re implementing a fix - it should be back up once the fix goes live. I’ll be sending out expanded info about the fix we’ve implemented soon.


I did a long press on the black screen and it copied text…

500 Internal Server Error

So, seems a server or two is down.