Black Screen Repeatedy

From yesterday the game is getting a black screen every few seconds, lasting a couple of seconds each time. My iPhone 7 Plus works perfectly for all other apps and yes I have deleted and reinstalled the game several times now. Anyone else have this?

I don’t know about that but it keeps crashing like a bell.

I had a problem problem some what similar to yours. On the loading screen. My load bar would reach 100%, but would alternate between “Preparing Base” and “Downloading Assets”. Never actually opening the game. After trying the “Delete, and reinstall the app”™️PG. I fixed this problem by signing out of my Apple account after completely uninstalling the game. Loaded right up after I logged back into my Apple, and finished a fresh download. Hope it resolves the issue. Would hope it works the same with Android.

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:thinking: Maybe it pulled the install from a cloud backup that had corrupted files? Some Android phones have what’s effectively a recycle bin that the app install needs to be removed from for a fresh install.

Thx I tried that and also reset the game grahcs from High to Medium. So far, so good.

Happy to help. @forScience. I believe it definitely has to do with external file corruption. Most likely duplicate files being drawn from different sources (Cloud vs. PG serves, and device memory). The storage load for WD seems to be becoming to heavy with the current attention directed by PG to its app. Having to look outside of the games help staff to actually load the app. Is becoming inexcusable. They either need to higher more employees, or more knowledgeable ones.

Could you mark my reply as the solution if it helped fix your problem? Would probably give me a badge. Thanks in advance.

I have been having these issues and more and they seem to be getting worse the higher the level I reach. I have an android tablet, that I purchased brand new recently and installed the game with my pocket id. I get black screens, booted entirely out of the game, freezing screens, pixelated screens. These happen when I join attacks, in chat, finishing attacks and returning home, and just plain chatting with my team. most recently, I have been getting that error where the battle cannot continue because you cannot reach the gaming server. This has happened all day today and tonight one of my teammates and I were both following a teammate into war and it booted both of us out of the attack at the same time. It has happened several times this evening and it could affect war stats in the long term if it continues to happen. I am asking PG for help, because it cannot be only me if my teammate had it happen at exactly the same time as I did. I am thinking this may be a conflict between the newest android software and Pgs servers, but I could be wrong.

I used to use a Samsung Galaxy S Tab. It was also a nightmare trying to do much of anything in WD. You can try the above solution like @AthensExpress did. However, I doubt you’ll find deleting the app data files through resetting your Android account (logging out, then back in on your device after uninstalling) helpful. There just aren’t that many android devices that work well with WD. Even if a device currently works fine. It will probably become troublesome in the future. Due to updates. If you google “Android devices that work with War Dragons”. You’ll find an ever shortening list. War Dragons was made available exclusively to IOS originally. So, the problem stems from PG not investing revenue into Android patches.

That is what I suspected, that is an iOS game that is only compatible with android. It is a shame that android users are being put to the wayside. I wish pg would fix this as, in my opinion, they are losing good players that prefer android.

Have all this as well

I’ve gotten a variety of black screens, and submitted tickets for all, and got the response that it is a known issue and they provided a link where I could track PG’s progress. Never found the info provided by that link to be of much use.

Most of the black screens are related to Atlas. The only one I’ve gotten that has happened within the main game is the black screen that has the words “GENERAL LOADING…”. I have gotten this when attempting to enter an event and I gave one up to 5 minutes once to see if it would resolve itself, it didn’t.

Then within Atlas, usually when in a battle and access to castle data is critical, I’ll tap the Castle and then Manage (if team owned) or Details (if not) to retrieve info on teams’ Primarchs that are there and I’ll get the normal “Loading” message followed by the black screen with “Loading…” in small print in the top left corner. Rarely does this resolve, but sometimes it does.

Then there is the black screen(s) with Failed to Load Atlas that can happen when trying to enter or even from within Atlas while active in that world. Highly frustrating.

Then the multitude of black screens that indicate Sync Errors, which when I get those I get very nervous and worry my account could get banned as I was told by a player a long time ago that means data on my phone is not jiving with that on the server. Since I play legit my expectations are I shouldn’t be getting these.

Lastly, the black screen of death. I think in my 2 years history I may have gotten it twice.

Oh, I’m playing on iOS devices, have no clue how this affects Android.

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Agree completely with Atlas causing many of the errors. However, I left my Atlas team to help a freind create a team of her own. So, while I don’t have Atlas. I’m still addled by sync errors, infinite load screens, and game shutdowns mid flight. The problem is that PG isn’t doing much to fix the barebones version of the game. Just tacking on bandaids when it’s a good time for them. Unfortunately, the time that seems to only open up in their schedule is when 1000s of players send in tickets. Similar to 2 weeks ago with the fortification blunder. Which many players are still complaining about not receiving compensation. This isn’t TreyArch or SquareEnix. PG should shut the servers down every now and then to correct bugs. Do some real fixes, but they won’t. They probably just can’t afford to at this point. To many employees family’s. But, they should find more inventive ways to address problems.

I also had a freind get banned. I know he didn’t hack or share accounts, but he lost a 270ish all the same.

You would think that they would. They haven’t been in an exclusive contract with ITunes (the service that handles IOS contracts within the App Store) for a year. Maybe 2. Hopefully, they’ll begin to see the profit in better services.

I truly hope so. The only thing that is puzzling to me is why is it getting worse the higher the level I achieve? Or maybe it is just because of all the updates kinda falling in line with my levels?

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