Black screen shutdown

Im tired of this black screen then game closes and on top of that the web page error in event its only been on 13.3 wife has not got it and has not updated to 13.3 so can we please get a fix upon this it is worse when event is up


Its most annoying when you move to a castle, after restart most of times your prim is allready freed :woozy_face:


I second the motion! I must have at least 70 Tickets open on Black Screen Crashing in Atlas but now this week has started up in WD! Oh and by the way guess who’s back? Defensive tapping towers sends play screen out over open ocean. Why don’t y’all adapt your app for playing on Macs since latest OSX allows app devs port apps and games over to Mac? By the way I’ve cleared everything else off my Apple devices (tested on several iterations iPhone & iPad) and even with nothing else on device and fresh clean iOS install War Dragons still drains batteries in few minutes while overheating before crashing!

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:see_no_evil: People like you are exactly the reason we get tickets mass closed without reading. Please stop spamming support, it’s the most useless kind of vandalism.


Same recommendation for too …

Have you tried uninstalling, putting your device upside down on a flat surface. Walking outside and smelling the roses?
Then resist the temptation to re install until the addiction of WD gone and forgotten.
Most people have line so coming here to catch up with friends is no longer an excuse.
Food for thought don’t you think?


Did this didnt work

Lmao yes but not gonna stop playing dont got a excuse :laughing: but its simple stip the black screens so we can enjoy the bugged game

Since the “update” I am getting more black screens then ever, don’t even have to do anything just poof.
Also get the reloading screen too.

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Lol reboot device. That wont help your troops that died to a black screen…


Please, spamming is such a lay term for anyone as acclimated to e-wares… however try to keep in mind that as an original Apple Advisor and original contributor to a little thing called the Internet… I might just be trying to illicit some actual help by applying my acumen as asked for in advance by said same “so called” support… we cannot hope to debug such multi layered issues without least bit of open and honest genuine communications… which is why I have invited my resource teams from local universities to assist in the ongoing matter… but thanks for your concern… while quite actually support “spamming” as you call it maybe blanketed when devs know the cause of troubles and have a fix in line…

If you try a fancy word post, it helps to know the difference between elicit and illicit. Just wanted to put that out there for your consideration.

Yes… yes… AND yes! Having done all the above and what have you from stripping devices on multiple iterations thereof so that the only thing on them is preinstalled system wares and still the problem persists… in fact such would not even merit mention herein Open Forums were it that we had not ALREADY been there done that and been dealing with trying to HELP resolve these issues… keeping in mind reason for entertaining matters in Open Forum is to find others who might have come across similar troubles and found a fix we haven’t ourselves attempted … many of which seem crazy at first but hey if it works sure I’ll change Avatars… switch on and off Autopay in Atlas… and even put all towers in storage reboot then replace… whatever it takes for smoothing over divers bumps in the road… that is until detrimental to device or device operators then concern shifts to whole new dimension…

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Sorry for my “I am Groot!” scrappy linguistics… I am blind and PG refuses to let me use any accessibility options or assistive technology… so normally just speak trashmouth like everyone else… tho I do a mean belch that just don’t translate the same in emoji :astonished: oh DiscoBot oh DiscoBot wherefore art tho DiscoBot :robot:

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I have the same thing the craft event I couldn’t claim any of my prizes and I’m POed every time I went to atlas 10 sec the app will close out

There are many players that I also know, including myself, that are getting the “black screens of death”, as well as “web page busy.” game crashes. This is very wide spread, and from searching forums, seems to be around for a very long time. How can we get attention put on this to get it finally resolved?
@Arelyna @PGJared @PGMichael


You too bro

Is a memory leak, the more you play the more likely to happen. If you ask around, some people even experience their phone shutting down and unable to start up for a few minutes.

Also when you open atlas you often get this,

Basically random unnecessary requests repeating themselves non stop, slow Internets will either lag or crash.

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