Blackbloods islands so tedious....please improve


It’s the worst kind of grinding in war dragons - having players repeatedly bases well below their level. It would be greatly improved if you made the value of the points given dependent on the level of the dragon flown, like the mini event not too long ago. That was a fun, challenging event, and encouraged the use of older dragons not seen for some time.


Mechengg wrote out a detailed proposal for improving them not too long ago:

By all means add your voice to the discussion there and see if it grows big enough to get the event team’s attention.


It was honestly meant as a 5 minute “make this event at least a smidge better” and definitely doesn’t solve major issues lol. Basically makes it a smidge less of a snoozefest


Actually, I did post there 3 days ago. No responses, and my suggestion was a bit different than Mechengg’s. Given the event start and that we are smack in the middle of extreme boredom phase, thought it was worth revisiting with a new thread.


Wasn’t there a PvE not too long ago that addressed this by scaling the targets based on player level? I can’t imagine it would be that hard to do here.

If The ChocolateRocket ever played this game at a high level, they would certainly understand the absolute boredom of a +300 level player having to grind through level 40 bases.

That right there is what makes this event so absolutely, mind-numbingly boring.

@PGRocket @PGChocolate got any bright ideas on how a cadence change will improve THIS?


Idk about you guys but I prefer easy and boring over difficult and boring


Are those my only two options?


Just grab a sorcerer with a minion and autopilot them. You’ll get 70% (at least).


Still boring - letting Kinn run the base is like watching paint dry. I run Mehaten because I like his laser beam … but it’s still just … sad.


Yeah, ‘cause that NEVER gets old…

Forgive me if I’d rather have FUN when I’m playing a game.

(Didn’t @PGJared say something a while ago about trying to make this game fun? I distinctly remember some mention of fun, because it seemed so out of context in a discussion about the state of this game lately.)


Having constant bugs and fairly unethical behavior does get old too and yet…


I know these bases are notoriously bad regarding chest drops due to their low level, but I am yet to have anything at all drop from anything. Not even a one minute timer. Does anybody else have this issue?


I was surprised that even on island 4 I got more chests than from invader runs (lvl 141), which is unusual, almost extraordinary.


Same thing here. They typically give me 0 drops of any sort no matter if it’s Gustav or earlier.


I’m having drops, from typical to good (more than 1 bronze in a single low-level Gustav base). With Apophet automation gets good
I guess is per-player issue?


I don’t know what the problem is of watching a good movie and letting a sorcerer with a minion autopilot these bases while getting prizes for… watching a movie


That seems like doing something because you have to and not for fun…


Hitting your invader base with mages instead would be fun? Interesting


I thought about making a video about my “I win” dragon being busted. I mean I have to swipe 3 times with Apophet because the minion misses 1 tower on 3 of the islands. But alas I’m no Tinsr


The only problem is if you don’t have one…like me :sweat_smile: and do it with a warrior :sleeping: