Blackbloods islands so tedious....please improve


I mean I’d be all for more fun but considering I find all the other pvp just as boring but also requiring focus so I don’t get oneshot by lv65+ towers I’d say more fun is not likely :sweat_smile:


That’s what I plan on doing as soon as I have time to actually play in the event. Things are… chaotic until after Saturday so I will spend Sunday and Monday working on grabbing those sweet prizes.


I have not much to add besides what’s already been said but I’d just like to say that burning 100+ energy on near-identical bases 50 levels below me is the most boring, mind-numbing experience in this game.
I daresay it’s not fun, but I fear PG would proceed to take this whole damn event away instead of fixing this specific part of it because as we have all observed, their solutions are not the most effecient.
But at least my green Kinnarus gets to have fun. :t_rex:


is it a bug that supershots and megas are not giving chests ? cause from 3 megas and tons of supershots used so far I got only once


Been like that for me since last season filled out a ticket and was basically told tough an called a liar so f2p this season till they can fix it.


Perhaps it is because these bases are so rediculously lower than my player level? I typically don’t get many drops if I’m beating up on someone more than 250 points below me…

On the up side, at least I’m not getting credit for token missions on these runs, so I get to do those too somewhere else…


I’m literally getting 0 drops like I said not even the dinky stuff from boats. 0 drops period.


use the energy on PVP then :joy: Allthough with my team clearing PVP islands in 3 minutes from the time it shows up, I only get to do one super lol.

And the rest of the time,

Its been this. I don’t think this is bad at all compared to boredom wars or pits.


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I too have done supers on pvp island with IF and still gotten 0 chests :confused:


I’ve been running my level 67 alt on Roar Isle (that’s as far as my gold team has gotten). Roar Isle is a level 50 Blackblood, and chests have been plentiful, from 2-4 a run.

Even with the 67 alt, Blackblood’s islands are dull, dull, dull - and since we haven’t gotten far enough along, PvPs aren’t a viable option

No event is perfect, but this one, to me, is the worst. Looking back, KoTH was by far the best. Could attack any team, at any time (no clock watching), and could pick an appropriate level.


Gustavs island is lvl 90 so they all are way to low, they should scale quicker in lvls


Yeah its not cool that we cant event make our egg missions on gustav island… It’s no challenge at all… no fun at all and event should be fun…!

Plus, the points to kill the final island should be buffed so it doesnt dissapear in 30 minuts… or the timer should be reduce so it reaapear faster… having to wait 6 hours for descent event points is real boring :(((

If you have a team that participate much, you always have to hit the 4th or 5th island and those give so much less points…

Please fix this, or you could just make ALL the Gustav islands worth the same amount of points, this would be an easy fix!


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