Blackwicca Breeding Spells XL Edition - Red to Vanguard


Hi Dragonlords,

The XL edition of the Blackwicca Breeding Spells - Red to Vanguard tier is finaly released!

((Edited to remove link to donation request – Jared))

Fix* Raijn (Hunter > Sorcerer)

Have fun breeding those dragons!

IGN: DutchSorceress
Line ID: Blackwicca



Was just skimming through and and just noticed that
it says the parents to be Pandi (green tier) + Kelvin - doesn’t this mean the token discount shouldn’t apply ? :thinking: I think many other dragons also have this error. :roll_eyes:


I really really really really hope that every single cell is linked to a master stats table so that values can auto populate WHEN (not if) discounts change and new tiers are released.

I won’t comment on the rest of the items i’ve noticed, not going to get started arguing today :slight_smile:


What is wrong??!!! Are you feeling ill? :flushed:


Sad. I always enjoy reading your rants (for lack of a better word)


:flushed: Pdf can be linked to master stats?
Anyone bothered to check the total sum of bokens?


Orca, why did you resurrect this word? It should have stayed dead. :axi:


At this point they are better off being termed brokens


Nah, they aren’t broken. Everything around them is


Excel files can be written as PDFs :slight_smile:
AKa what i really hope this person did
With a huge database of stats instead of writing it out individually multiple times lol


Says rajin is a hunter :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Maybe he’s a cousin to sylphen?


Assuming 2 that the values are correct (someone mentioned some discounts may have been applied incorrectly), and that I didn’t hit a button incorrectly (it doesn’t look like I did, but anything is possible):
This breeding path, which includes Vanguard, costs 6,838,980 tokens

Red’s cheapest (for comparison), which doesn’t include Harbinger is 4,054,452 and her most expensive Vanguard path is 1,670,765 which would bring the total to 5,725,217 tokens (just over a million cheaper)

IF my math is off, my apologies. Just answering a question and making a comparison (if the OP’s intent of this wasn’t to be the cheapest, my apologies… I’m not saying one is better than the other here…)


I love all of the extra information. It’s like a one stop shop. I do notice some differences to Red’s path. I am not saying they need to be exact but I never follow a path unless it is from Red because they are reliable. I guess I am trying to find out how reliable your path is. Your 10% seems to be higher than Red’s. For instance. Noctua, I just bred so this is my best memory. Deci & Storm gave me Noctua and AA for around 115000 egg tokens. You have no reference to AA and your total egg token cost is 129,200. Where do you get your numbers from? Your path seems to be a mix of Rhyo 1, then Girasol D, then jumping around in Harbinger-Vanguard. Your path seems longer. So my question is what is your goal? To be cheaper, faster, collection edition? I see you named it XL edition is this because it is a collection path? I do like how estril and destar can be bred in one swoop amongst other dragons.


Maybe it is the cheapest/fastest path to get everything?


It’s not.


Maybe it’s the path with the most data. :rofl:

Idk. It’s pretty, but that is less important than being accurate, imo.


I do like the layout for information. It’s cute and well broken up. However there is some very incorrect information and I’m not sure what the purpose of this path is.


I want to be clear I am not hating. I have stated positive remarks, I’ve also stated concerning remarks. If you are putting this on forums and suggesting it then state why you are suggesting it. What makes it suggestible? This looks like a lot of hardwork went into it. Visually it is nice but until OP is able to discuss on it then it won’t be worth anything to many people. :woman_shrugging: This may be amazing to you but when you have been following an efficient up-to-date guide then you have paths to cross reference. If you have never driven anything except for a honda all of your life then you will think it is amazing. I’m not suggesting the guide is a honda I’m trying to put it in perspective.


Yeah, not seeing any hate here. Just questions is all. If you love it and it works for you then awesome. It’s not the cheapest, and that’s fine. I think people just want to know the “objective” of the path.