Blackwicca Breeding Spells XL Edition - Red to Vanguard


I simply love this guide, everything you need is in it. Awesome work :+1:t2:


It’s visually nice and has a lot of info. But it’s a LOT more expensive than existing breeding paths (Red’s!) and therefore not effecient. Info on dragons can be found elsewhere (such as dragon-manager)—what’s the incentive for using an expensive, not-effecient breeding path that will ultimately slow you down? :t_rex:


While the look is interesting, I…don’t see what it’s supposed to specialize in.

Over the course of my last few breedings, for example, I went from Mune to Hau. Red’s best path requires 11 steps to get there, and costs 570.1k tokens; this path requires 13, provides fewer dragons, and costs 660.6k.

I’m all for new ideas, but I’m not sure what, if anything, this path does better than Red’s. It’s definitely not the cheapest, definitely not the fastest, definitely doesn’t get you the most dragons…


I really like this guide. And it offcourse has some similarities with other guides. Duh.
Never really followed one before because i pokemon (got to get them all) and it’s to late for me anyways :grinning:
But i especially like the extra info that I’ve been missing in all other guides.
Awesome job Blackwicca.


I find it most interesting that you’re raving about your own path from an…alt?


Perhaps the first thing to do with the guide is make sure that the info is correct.
Then, calculate the sum, finally, revise.


Why does no one answer these questions when a new breeding path pops up? :rofl: :t_rex:


Looks like you are a flag magnet :sweat_smile:


Lmao instantly! Wow im actually kinda jealous, thats impressive!


It seems like that should be a requirement for all new breeding paths:

“Hey everyone, I’ve developed a new breeding path that’s the [fastest/cheapest/etc.] out there!”

Without that, it always ends up the same way:

Player X: “Look at my super-amazing breeding guide!”
Players: “Ummm…that’s nice, but it doesn’t seem to be better than Red’s in any way.”
Player X: “You’re wrong! It’s awesome because I made it and I’m awesome!”
Players: “Ummm…but…but how would your guide be more awesome than Red’s? Is it faster? Does it get you all the dragons? Is it cheaper?”
Player X: “Shut up! Shut up! Mine is best!”


Auto flag by the system.

People are replying because it may be good, but it may also cost more than it should and have a lot of things incorrect with it.

It should still be…correct.


Then there’s no reason whatsoever to follow it.
If the other guides are correct (RED’S!) follow those instead. :t_rex:


I’m tempted to reply this :laughing:



you mean with:
“why did it take you so long?”


:sweat_smile: I reached it at 146 since

  1. I need 2nd spell for Garnet (invader run), thus pushing more during fort
  2. Attempted sigil prize after the L. Glyph during fort


faaaaaaaaaaaaar less important


I still don’t get why people keep creating paths when Red already have multiple paths out there for multiple purpose like fastest, cheapest and strongest, creating a new path that serves no purpose is pointless unless something very different than Red’s. oh wait, we should make a thread with all those new paths ragning from most expensive, takes longest, weakest dragon, and simply just get-them-all-and-I-don’t-care-how-much-long-it-takes-or-how-much-it-costs path :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I just noticed that it was Bokens,not Brokens :see_no_evil::joy_cat:
I even made a theory,that brokers are tokens,which have been earned,using broken tokens bonus :thinking::sweat_smile:


I love this response. You a version of this all the time!

When you put something on the forum be ready to be critiqued. That is a fact!. If the numbers are incorrect and it is suppose to be lower then it might not be as expensive as it looks but since OP is scared to have his/her opinion, information, mathematical equations questioned I will not put anymore effort into this. Let it sink to the abyss of the forums.


So I’m curious. What’s the purpose of this path other than reformatting?