Blank quest page

Hi support team, its been weeks now that i have a blank quest page. I reported this back then and was promissed that it would be looked at . Was told it was a know issues and as soon you had an update it would be fixed. Well this new update didnt help at all. That blank quest page is still there and all other issues thats comes with it as well. How much longer do i have to wait !!! i am tired to have to close game , put in flight mode , restart phone, reload game every events or for everything i do in this game this not acceptable and not the way it should be :rage::rage::rage:

Might want to send an actual support ticket.


:thinking: May need to bookmark this one, or tag @Daedalus :see_no_evil:


@PGCarlos @PGMatt :man_bowing::man_bowing:

Thats one of the other issues no way to send a ticket through the game :woman_shrugging: :rofl:

I play this game long enough to know how to send a ticket.:woman_facepalming: Nice screen shots btw the first option and thats how i always send them before it was fast and easy untill that changed a few weeks ago and now only can with second option ( webrowser) except for now !!! why ?? I have no clue :woman_shrugging:

If you’re on Android you can still get to the support menu to send tickets directly by going through any system generated email and hitting the help button in the email.
The one in the settings doesnt do it anymore and it doesnt seem like they’re overly motivated to fix it anytime soon since we Android players dont matter to them.

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Please submit a ticket on this - if you need further help on how to, let us know.

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Is there any update on what is going on with the android help button in settings? Is it going to get fixed or have we just been forgotten about?

@DragonPunch do we know if this is on a current to-do list?

This was never a trending issue for us that our team addressed. If you’re still experiencing this, please file another support ticket with a screenshot of the most recent event. We haven’t received any tickets on this from any players this past weekend, so any info that can be sent our way will help us review what went wrong.

And if the Help button is not available to you, please file a ticket through the support site that you are directed to. For steps, please review this article:

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