Blank right now Atlas Team Name : blank right now' Looking for Active Recruits

Looking for More active and serious teammates(Recruiting)
‘Team Name : blank right now’ ‘League atm : blank right now’
'Min Entry Lvl : blank right now ‘Teams Availability to Atlas : YES’

If your interested in joining a team that wants to have fun but is also serious about events/ wars/ atlas etc. send a message or *apply/ with a message to one of our Officers including in it your;

Current Level:
Time Zone:
Played time(roughly):
Elite Account?:
Divine Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:
Top 3 Lineage Dragons:
About Yourself:

Our team takes wars and events in-game or atlas seriously. If your looking for a team to crush events and win wars join us and become a part of our team. You can message me here or in game.

Even if we’re full apply; as the Recruiters will review your application and if your serious about participation wars and events will make room for you. Looking or people that are active as inactivity will be kicked. We’re looking to move back up the leagues so it understandable If you have something IRL that comes up just msg an officer to let them know. We have a line app group chat as well as communication is the key to coordination and success.

FYI: If you’ve never played atlas prior that’s where teamwork and communication come in. If there is something you don’t understand ask your question in {team chat/ in-game group chats/ Line app group chat} so it can be answered.

Please only respond or Apply for Team if your serious and active. Thanks.

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