Blassie's Player/Team Management Sheets

All spreadsheets currently locked and not accessible

Existing assignment, team/castle sheets, and battle log sheets should continue working for anyone currently using them

If you have any issues with sections of your sheet not working as expected , reach out via Pm.

Any access requests for links found in comments are being ignored


Hi everyone

I have just updated the post with my crystal caves sequencer event - since we have Crystal caves this week!

Grab your copy here

A few things:

  • this has been tested over data with last 2 CC’s with various leagues, however I am not 100% sure it is 100% accurate for this initial release to public
  • any issues with the sequences please contact me immediately and be ready to share your sheet so I can check the data and see what’s going on

Help from you:

  • I am hoping to maybe reduce the requirement for a full sequence from 4 to 3 rounds. To do this I need your help.
  • before battle round start: send me screenshots of the following would be awesome - league leaderboard (the one that shows rating point) and event team leaderboard
  • during event: after filling in your 4 rounds, share your copy of the sheet with me so I can do some checking/investigation

Not a requirement to help out, but I will appreciate anyone who does :relaxed:


I have just fixed a small bug regarding the team dropdown where some teams were not on the list after selecting league. You only need to download a new copy if you were previously unable to find your team.

I also had a few people asking about the entry on the input - make sure you filled in the top 3 fields along the top first to create the validation on the team names :relaxed:

We are still in round 1 so if you have forgotten to start tracking, be sure to at least grab some screenshots of the matchups so you can enter them in when you get the chance.


WDScripts has updated the Castles Command so currently you will be unable to edit the WDScripts Team + Castle info sheet without issues.

I will be updating that sheet for you all during PvP and provide new link here when I do.

If there’s any other suggestions or feature requests for that specific sheet, please reach out to me ASAP so I can bundle the changes together :wink:


Hi all! Today I am releasing my Base Percentage sheet. It also includes a slimmed down version of research tracker (tower HP only) and Zami’s original planner with all research incl. pre-requisites.

Create a copy

It is particularly useful for quick checks before PvP starts, or if you are planning on moving your base around and wanting to be sure you are not messing with your 70% too badly.

While I have done quite a bit of testing and am feeling confident that it is accurate, please be mindful that some values may be slightly out due to rounding. If you find any issues please reach out to me ASAP so I can have a look and see if its a wider issue or related to your input in one of the sections.

Enjoy :wink:


It seems really interesting.
Zami’s reserach isn’t updated with Arcanum (there is no base research so not a big deal) and Abyssal/Eldritch/Verdant need a little fix, Column “N” missing the discount so show always “0” in the “Eggs needed” tab

Wow these are awesome @Snoozy !

I forgive you for murderizing me in atlas with these awesome sheets :smiley:


I hear whispers that she will be planning to update her research planner in the somewhat near future. Those issues with the egg sheet will be fixed as well, I believe she is aware of them :relaxed:

Once she releases her updates I will also make sure they flow through to mine as well :grin:


The Teams / Castle info sheet is now updated and working again! You will need to make a new copy of the sheet though.

Link to updated sheet

Reminder! If you also use the Wiki sheet you do not need to make a new copy - but you DO need to update the sheet with the new link from above copy :slight_smile:

As always, any issues please reach out to me. If you have made any major adjustments to your copy (as I know a few of you have) and do not want to start over I can help fix it up :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey everyone! Reminder that with Caves this week you should be getting a copy of your sequencer ready to go!

I made a few small adjustments since last caves event, so I suggest everyone grabs a new copy: Make a copy

Notably I have added a new round clock tab. It’s all Timezones matched to round start times - you can check the Timezones for you / your team and hide the ones you don’t find relevant. Once you filled in the sheet and get the sequence, it will also bold and underline the correct round times that match your PVE.

As last time, I am hoping to get some info/screenshots from people. I didn’t get a large number sent last caves. I’m still trying to reduce amount of rounds required and looking for patterns. You can send to me in PM here or on line (ID: Blassie098)

  • league leaderboard screens
  • score board before event start
  • score board between round 1 and 2
  • score board between round 2 and 3
  • link to your sequence sheet

Hey everyone. Very sorry but please make a copy of new version.

Nothing is broken if you do not update, but I have added an extra predictor field that will give you potential round 3 matchup after putting in 2 rounds. Note that it will give the incorrect team for 4 teams in the league. But for 21 other teams it will be correct. Which I think is enough reason to show it. Just keep it in mind :relaxed:


Thanks for the Crystal Caves Sequencer. Easy to use and worked well. Have you thought of a PVP predictor for Gauntlet, based on the current rankings and who’s been faced before? Maybe it’s too easy to need a sheet.

In short:

Without being given an exact formula by pg on how they do the matchups each round (which they wouldn’t) there’s no way I’d consider doing a sheet for gauntlet


It’s different to caves in the way that caves is set for teams only facing each other once. No other rankings etc impact that

Gauntlet you won’t face the same team twice in a row (except pve I believe), except it’s also around ranking and such. Even with the sheet, teams would be having to input leaderboard rankings before every pvp to make it work - miss one and likely to be the end of the sheet for the event.

Since the nature of gauntlet is that you can still get vp outside of pvps, it would mean filling those rounds in just before pvp as well. Small change in ranking up the the few mins before may still impact it.


Thanks for your considered reply, and thanks again for the caves sheet.

Hey everyone! I have new versions of below sheets available. Neither are major updates but I suggest upgrading to the newest version when you can

I am also rolling out a new changelog feature on all my sheets. On one of the input tabs you will start seeing a red section of text like below. This will automatically update if I release a new version, and you can then view the Changelog to see if you need to urgently update or not.



@Snoozy is it possible to add more lines for perch boosts?

I would need more to have a perfect calculation.

I’m not sure what you are putting in there, is that tower levels? :thinking:

The rider tower boosts are only for HP boosts provided by rider skills.

So for example if you have Ryva set up like below image, you’d put:

Pylon = 10
Lighting = 10

I don’t think there are any new riders that can have more than 4 different types of HP boost at the same time.

I tested hit my base and had 4% offset to sheet.

Hey all! Its that time again and caves is coming up in PVP this week

Since the last caves I have made some adjustments to the sheets, so please make sure you grab new copies.

There are now 2 versions. One can only be used if you are entering info from Round 1. If you are starting at Round 2 or later be sure to use the 2nd version.

As always - The more screenshots and filled in spreadsheets I get from teams, the more accurate info I can provide from earlier in the event. Please send through if you are filling in the sheet:

  • Screenshots of Round 1-3 matchups
  • Copy of your filled in sheet after Round 3

My version is not working :face_with_thermometer: