Blassie's Player/Team Management Sheets

I think you need at least the round 2 pairing to see the sequence

I know, I tried a test second round, but I read an error in the sequence

Yeah it won’t work if you enter a fake 2nd round. Since it relies on some formulas on hidden sheets that will not be able to generate the lists :relaxed:


Thanks, maybe you can help us from D1 and other leagues to find the correct sequence when the initial rounds start :pleading_face:

All teams are responsible for filling their own sheets unless they’re working together, and once it’s filled with the real info from round 2 the sequences will be correct.

All D1 teams I have actually contacted this week as I required some things from them for Caves anyway so they are aware of the sheets existence.

As far as other leagues, I simply don’t have the time to fill out sheets for every single league. If someone is having troubles, Im happy to help though

If anyone wants to share a sheet here for their league, then feel free :laughing:

I need help. I forgot to do a screenshoot for round 2 in D1.
Does anyone have the correct pairing for D1 round 2?

I don’t have screenshot but I sent you the sequence for your team

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Thank you very much :grin:

Updated version of the WDScripts Team + Castle info sheet is now ready. It has the support for New Lands T6, plus the upgradeable infra to 15 for other tier castles

Make a copy

You WILL need a new copy of the Wiki sheet as well - you can find the link for that in the user manual.

Additionally, all assignment sheets should now be updated for use with T6 castles. No new downloads should be required. If you find any issues with those due to new lands please let me know :slight_smile:


Updated version of the Base Percentage / Research tracker sheet is now available. This adds support for Archmages, Volt Tower, and Artisan research

Make a copy

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Could you check perch 3? It isn’t adding any % even at 147.

Hey sorry for the slow reply!
Yes it looks like the Perch 3 column got displaced when I added the volt tower info. The others were okay but no idea where it went :rofl:
All fixed now. New version is available here

If you dont have Perch 3 or its low level (like 30 for construction rider), no need to download a new copy!


Amazing tools, good job.
The subdivisions arent up to date but I suppose thats a manual pull for each CC. Cant really say much else to this atm as it is not CC currently and its a little bit too much magic for me.

The base percentage sheet is something I wanted to make myself a while ago but didnt because I found different things to do. I wasnt sure if I had to put the rider boosts as 121% or as 121 until I got to the second perch and it told me it should be a value greater than one. I also didnt find anywhere to put Base Boost so I put added a 22 to the general rider boost in the areas with towers which at least doesnt seem to be far off.

The other tools arent really concerning me personally but Ill make sure my leader knows about those.

The subdivisions should be updated even outside of caves. I’ve reached out to my source for those to check what’s going on.

There will be a new caves sheet for the next round of caves. I’m just in the finalising/testing stage right now

Base percentage sheet all entries are just values (no percentage). I can’t actually add in validation since even a percentage is considered a number by sheets validation rules.

Base boost is a good point. I’ve added it into a new version, but need to do a round of testing after work and then will release it here.


I would suggest saying in the user guide that you’re supposed to put it as a flat value instead of a percentage. Looking forward to the new version

Latest Version of the base percentage sheet is out. Get new copy here

I added an example input image for you @Cat :slight_smile:

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Hi all!

New versions of the Crystal Caves Round Sequencer sheets are out. For best results make sure you are getting info from Round 1 since it will give you the team order a lot sooner than if you start at Round 2.

Starting at Round 1:

  • Create a copy
  • Updated so that you can get a confirmed sequence after only 2 rounds (instead of 4!)
  • Added Round Timer tab so you can select up to 3 timezones to see Round start times against the teams you will face per round
  • Added notes about US Daylight Savings time

Starting at Round 2+:

  • Create a copy
  • Added Round Timer tab so you can select up to 3 timezones to see Round start times against the teams you will face per round
  • Added notes about US Daylight Savings time

A few people have mentioned being unable to find specific teams in their league dropdowns for entering rounds.

Im aware of the issue and its related to team listing data (non-atlas teams).

If you are unable to find any team that you need to fill in your sheet, please pm me here or on line with your sheet link. I can manually fix it for this week :slight_smile:

I’ve had an extremely large increase of people requesting edit access for my sheets, mainly the caves sheet

I will be ignoring all edit requests from now on

You need to make a copy to be able to add any of your information. You can’t edit mine, since that would edit for anyone looking at it also…

If you don’t know how to make a copy there are instructions on this google support page:


Latest version of the Base Percentage sheet is out. It includes monarch research and also a few small formatting fixes where people were having issues seeing some tower percentages.

Create a copy of the latest version