Blatant cheating in wars


We are in a war with a team that swapped in a level 6 base to defeat our level 400 with Kelsis. We have proof, videos, all of it. The team has emailed support and we’re told we still lose points and it counts against us if we lose. How is this remotely okay?? Any proof you want, we have it. Why would we suffer a loss of rating against a team who should be banned for cheating? In no world can a level 6 defeat a level 400 (level 80 towers) with kelsis and no backers. Who needs to be tagged here? I haven’t posted team names or screenshots here because I’m not sure if they can be called out publicly?

(On a side note, the responses support sends when they are emailed are enough to drive people crazy)


I would LOVE to see a video of that


Calling teams out is not allowed on the forums. However asking for help is allowed I would tag @Arelyna and @Crisis for help in reporting it to the proper person if they cant help. You can usually also PM them with your proof. Just dont do it publicly.

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PM Arelyna or Crisis


We have the video


I would also love to see that video lol.


Lol we have it, just didn’t know if I could post it


If you can sanitize names and such it would be fine I think

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Nope, no matter how much we would want to see it. The mods would take it down within minutes most likely due to it turning into a call out thread.


I would think it would be ok as long as all names are blurred out it wouldn’t be a call out thread so dont see why it wouldn’t be allowed just a video of a dragon blowing up a base.


I dunno, Kelsis is pretty great in his niche of cannon fetishists with no blue. :rofl: But how would a level 6 get Kelsis? :see_no_evil:


I would like to see to :laughing:


Better PM it to a few people. You can PM it to me…promise I won’t tell

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Pm it to me just to watch Lmfao


Could it be a glitch?


A player reading level 6 when it’s not…maybe. But an Itzani cloaked as Kelsis…doubtful.


Wouldn’t let me send the video?


have to upload to youtube or something


U need to upload it to YouTube first. Then Copy the link here.


Ahh. If you have Line and want to see it, my ID is Izzy2480