Blatant cheating reported two weeks ago with no action



They still mod the forum budd. That’s their job. You’d think you’d have noticed that I referenced employees, and not volunteers. But, I commonly see respected status players trying to nitpick and correct any thread they can find. Perhaps, address real problems in the forums instead of spending time incorrectly defining my vocabulary?


Just want to thank folks for the likes. If you agree with my post. Try referenceing it in similar forums. I know we’d all love to see PG dehobble the once Great War Dragons. Adress the issues, and make this game a passion again. Not just a glitchy, hacker filled mess.


Sorry, I really thought you didn’t know and wanted to mention some details, I’ve seen so many players randomely tagging admins that it eventually became a bad habit :man_shrugging:

Also I can’t address real problems on the forums, I’m neither an admin nor a mod and lost hope of seeing any major positive change anytime soon.


No problem budd. “Address real problems” meaning helping players address issues. By answering their questions, or giving them information for fixes.


You’d be amazed how many players ignore or belittle players with the “Respected” tag who try to help/answer their questions. My favorite is “Do you work for PG/Did I ask you?” :man_facepalming:

So, I do my best to be helpful, but more often than not, I’m just being my smartass self…:smiling_imp:


I hear ya lol