Blazing Shield Leos

I have a request to PG …please make the blazing shield of leos white…as poor leos doesnt have any attack power like avyx or equestor… they are overpowered but leos doesnt have any atleast do justice to leos by making blazing shield white or increase the duration as it is short lived or let the blazing shield when on deal damage to the towers.

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I think Leo’s Blazing Shield is fine as it is. If it gets cancelled by blue mage, destroy blue mage immediately, and start a new shield.
Most likely the shield is used as healing anyway…

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Like I said in the other thread where you posted the same thing, please no. Leos is fine as he is.

(this is a duplicate of the post in Unstable leos blazing shield )

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Leos blazing shield is certainlly short lived…and has much less attack power than avyx & equestor…atleast increase in his attack power is justified…i believe the blazing shield also blocks to certain extent…if it is white the major targets can be taken down …instead if always waiting for the blue mage to be down …by the time he gets hit by the strong towers…everyone who has leos would love such a change…because in many blogs people agree that he is comparatively weaker…then justice is make him stronger because he has no other aid like avyx and equestor.

He was marked half off for a reason, deal with your choicesb

Half off hardly means bad dragon, Necryx was half off too.

But other than that I agree. It was clear what his spells and abilities were when he was bought, there’s no grounds to call for changes once someone realises they misjudged a dragon. I’m not thrilled with picking Spindra over Necryx in my very first season, but I don’t expect PG to change Spindra to be as good as Necryx is. You learn and move on.

Nah, Leos need this change ==> Flamethrower speed attack 95 to 120 when Lion’s Rage is active ( as Super Heated Breath )
just change Lion’s rage with Super Heated Breath .

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I have Leos… and he doesn’t need whute shield or longer duration. The healing component is the real win here… if you are worried about blue towers, cast it early… or wait til his super attack kicks in and you kill mage, then cast it.


The only thing that should be done with the shield is that it should work with his runes of pride. He’s the only event dragon who’s runes have nothing to do with his spells (other than that small dark flak resist on the mystic) and doesnt event work with his spells.

Only other change would be that Lion’s Rage should help generate rage. Well, that and let us see the damn tower hp bar through the shield, that would be very helpful

Why increase the speed of the attack when the damage has already received a huge buff? The new warrior speed as is provides adequate flame-following-finger action

I like Leos, I just said that if they have to change something, that’s Lion’s Rage. The shield is as good as it is

Just checking to be sure you know that Leos only works best if you let his health drop to where his attack boost kicks in then you can immediately heal him all the way back to full health and retain the attack boost. Several players I see flying him start shielding from the first tower he faces.

It’s part of the fun of Leos, personally, I would think it would be even more fun if you had to keep his health in a certain range to maintain the boost but y’all would probably run me out of town on a rail if I suggested that.

I didn’t even use the runes that came with him and have fun flying him. Part of that is whoever re-named theirs “Donald” after President Trump due to the “mane”.

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