Blazing with more edge

Getting this graphical glitch with Leo. Anyone else? If it matters I’m on a Galaxy S8.

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Uninstall and reinstall. It’s just a glitch with particle effects after this latest update.
I was almost tempted to just keep it and have fun with all these wacky effects… but nah. Cubes aren’t my thing. I’m more of a triangle guy. :t_rex:

My mages are like that :joy:

Cool :rofl::rofl:

Cubes are two pyramids glued together :eyes:

I don’t think so :thinking:
Rather, 6 identical pyramids glued at their triangle sides

Leos went to Kamar-Taj to study magic


I have the same and I’m using iPhone. It’s annoying as I don’t see much past this shield.

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Try reinstalling

There are a few graphics appearing a little odd since the update. Really odd how so many things got messed up from something small but annoying like this to breaking the research for total SS.


same her on my galaxy s5. after recent update. graphics is set to low

Honestly, it’s beautiful and @Blackfire565 ‘s comment made me very happy :heart_eyes: I love Doctor Strange


This comparison kinda makes me prefer it how it is now

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I have reinstalled…then updated hoping that would fix it…nope. tried reinstalling again …still not fixed. Obviously this is not a simple glitch and has rendered Leo’s useless as I cant see towers through this shield :rage:

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Is there a fix to this yet? I had to bench Leos. He’s too annoying to use with the new shield animation.

Yet another update and a full reinstall and its still not fixed! I’m being screwed out of one of my best dragons because someone is too lazy to fix him

@PGJared…please fix this

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