Block Invites Button in Settings

Can you please add a ‘Block Invites’ button as an option under settings? It’s annoying getting invites when you aren’t thinking about leaving your team. It can also make you receive way too much spam in your email if you are in a lower league team or a team with low activity.




YES PLEASE! The number of people who send invites to silver and gold teams just randomly drive me bonkers.

Maybe block spam invites but not direct invites … from someone inviting directly from your profile page. The direct invites helps puff up the ego a lil. ** Day dreams of a direct invitation from NoMercyOrder. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

If you are on the top contributions page for medals that week, you get a ridiculous amount of invites from the profile page too. More than once I have tried to delete or close it and been pushed into another team. Ugg.

The top weekly contributors page is different for each person since it shows only so many players. I’m ranked 1 for the week and would bet my name doesn’t show on your list but shows on mine.

Edit: I accidentally accept an invitation too when I was meaning to only send a reply. Thankfully it didn’t happen during a pvp event. :see_no_evil:

You’re too polite. I don’t reply I just delete. Some teammates take it a step further and attack the inviter :joy:

I reply when the same team invites me 5+ times.

I hate the invites, not because there are only spam. I did the misstake few times, with clicking on the right button. I just wanted to reply them back, and accidently accept their invite. PG you should change that please :grin: or put a warning on it. If someone clicks on accept, a warning should pop up with „Are you sure, u wanna leave your team?“


10000000% YES. This would be beautiful.

Done that too :joy: I don’t even open them anymore I’m too afraid


I know we have requested a “Are you sure you want to leave your team?” verification before, but being able to block ALL requests, just YES! Especially since the autoinvites just seems to randomly invite anyone, from anywhere…


Would love to be able to block invites.when I sign on I have 10 or more invites it’s very annoying. I just delete them cause I’ve accidentally hit accept myself. So pleaseeee give us a block button PG…

I created another topic that includes this plus a way to make players only get invites to teams they might be interested in as well as a way to help recruiters spend less time recruiting and more time playing. I made it a separate topic since it is geared more towards recruiting/looking for a new team. Below is the link.

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