Blockade Time Updates

Hey all,

In the past, we lowered blockade times to allow more freedom of movement in Atlas. We want to continue this effort and will be releasing a few new updates to blockade time mechanics. We will be lowering blockade time even further and will introduce an aggression penalty that extends blockade if an aggressive action is taken. We want deeper castles to be more accessible, and we want guard snipes to carry more risk.

Below are the details of the update and will be going live on January 31, 2022.

Please note: Blockade refers to the time that a primarch is delayed from its next movement after it moves to an enemy castle. Castles owned by alliance teams do not blockade a primarch. Non-alliance teams can grant blockade-free movement with the passage list.

Players will be able to move around the Atlas map more quickly. Below are the changes:

  • Blockade time for all castle levels and fort levels will be 30 seconds.

Raiding parties are incentivized to pass through castles peacefully:

  • If an enemy primarch performs an aggressive action, all primarchs belonging to the offending primarch’s team and alliance already at the same castle location have their blockade time increased by 6 minutes.
    • Aggressive action is defined by:
      • Initiating an attack (battle result does not matter)
      • A Trapper using the trap ability
    • Defending your base from an attack does not count as an aggressive action.
  • Blockade time can only be extended once per primarch per visit
    • The aggression penalty does not stack on the same visit.
    • If a primarch leaves and returns to the same castle, their blockade timer can be extended again.

We will be closely monitoring the impact of these changes and will tweak the numbers as needed.


No more Gates needed everything is 30 seconds away :sweat_smile:


I’m not sure if this is a good idea … in all honesty this is definitely going to easily be abused to get behind bubble castles which might be good but still you mize well just fix the map not add to it but hey you still have a window to get hit but still it could be abused.

When is the down time of atlas? Lol! This 30 seconds delay is kind of free passage to hit deeper castles.



That’s literally the point


Teams that have been holding on and not privileges to deep castles are really going to suffer… it’s not the one and two bubble deep that needs adjusting I don’t think. Going to be interesting back to back glory events next week.


Has there been an announcement for double glory? Isn’t it just back to back glory event?

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Correction… I phrased it wrong.

This change means nothing but more control and power to the mega alliance being redesigned by the strongest teams and teams under their wing. :man_shrugging:

You guys can make any tweak on the game but if mega alliances aren’t addressed first, well…


How exactly would you suppose an aspect that is not built into the game and is run primarily through social interaction be stopped/limited? I honestly don’t see how you would accomplish this. A number of teams can use a chat app, outside of WD, plan and coordinate, and somehow you want to fix that with something in game… :thinking:


You must have missed the 100 suggestions to make teams fight their equals or close in atlas. :man_shrugging:


There are a couple of spots on the map with “pirate” teams holding entries and a few where they have branched in to one bubble deep because those aren’t wanted, particularly in the southern hemisphere. Dollar to donuts that we will see a lot more now.


Side A: Hey PG we can’t get the team we want to disband
PG: Let’s us change that so you can continue to disband teams and kill off our income stream


I did not, and that still doesn’t stop the mega alliance, anymore than it stops Diamond teams from taking castles from Plat 4 teams (you know who you are). You can penalize that behavior all you want, it doesn’t stop it from happening and rarely deters it. Next idea…


You know shockingly, you can benefit off this no matter your alliance. Not everything is a conspiracy theory.


While the concept seems good, in that teams cant sit and hide on moderately safe castles anymore, this will massively further increase the burden of play and the strength of mega alliances. This is something we needed done of a sort but there were a lot of steps that needed to happen before this. This is like putting together a bookshelf and skipping from step 4 to step 38. Instead you’re just going to be having a lot of teams abandoning castles and going pirate as they get constantly hit by diamond teams and high level pirates.

If they’re going to do something like this then they also need to be limiting how much one team/alliance is allowed to hit a specific team in a given time period

This plus the recent actions with Nock and the new tower is definitely making it seem like this should be my last season. This game already requires way too much time to play for almost no enjoyment anymore and they want to crank that burden up way higher now without giving us anything back and trying to force hunter life on everyone.


Don’t be naive (yes, I’m being ironic)…

the turnover we are seeing on the map is from s2-d teams taking castles from s3-p4.

Let’s be frank and without demagoguery.


This is a significant change that is extremely unfair in its outcome.

This change does nothing to make 11 bubble deep castles more hittable, or even 4-10 bubble deep castles. There is no way their allies will let you peacefully pass through, and with that number to pass through you’ll be spotted even if you sneak 2 or 3.

This change makes all 1 and 2 bubble deep castles basically access castles, increasing the burden on those teams to the benefit of the deeply protected teams.

I understand the need to decrease the unfair burden on gates, but this is NOT the answer.

I ask that you reconsider this change.
Reconsider a map change.

I might kick myself for saying this, but, Why not make all castles accessible with a flight delay? 30 second flight delay to ‘arrive’ at any level castle, using direct flight like under pvp and not having to hop castles? At least this would be fair! Everyone evenly accessible.

The game is already geared significantly in the attackers advantage, so much so that alert bots were created to try and even the odds.

The differential in attack power and defence power between teams in the game means that those who Have the most can do what they like because no one can stop them. If you piss them off, your team gets targeted for extinction and PG let’s this happen, having good players run out of the game because no one signed up to a game to defend 24/7.

And on that matter if we are going to have to defend more castles concurrently, at least FIX the #&$@!! Defensive resources availability so that players and teams have unlimited hammers and defensive spells.
How is it a fair game if you have no resources to defend with, when defending is the only thing that will give a chance of a better revive ratio and at least a little glory?

Why should the most targeted teams be forced to spend rubies and waste crafting space on Defensive hammers when the attackers can spend their rubies and timers on getting even stronger. It’s inequitable.

Players will show what this means to them, teams will drop castles, all 1-3 bubble deep castles will become like Aligane, and pirates will have a field day.

Not happy :angry:


Please clarify, the team being used to pass through cannot increase the blockade time? The enemy team is the only team that can increase that blockade time? If so this is horrible in so many ways. Not too mention the darned game won’t even load in 30 seconds into atlas, so there would literally be no recourse other than players that might be on at the time. Meaning blockades are essentially nullified in totality. Why not just make everything accessible at that point? Why wait out blockades for x period of time?