Blockade wait times during pvp?

During PvP shields are activated and you’re able to move around to any castle. So how come when shields went up this PvP you had to wait out the blockades to hit someone who didn’t have their shields up? I don’t recall seeing that being part of the “update”

This issue has been resolved for me personally now

It gives me the option to move (move is highlighted white) but then when I tap it it says you cant move directly to an enemy castle

@PGGalileo Any idea if this is an intentional change that wasnt annoucened or a glitch? When pvp shields are up we’re supposed to have free movement to any castle

That is exactly what I received, was so sad to miss out on guards cause of this

Has this been resolved for everyone?

I’ll check again. My first comment was wrong

Nope, still says cant move to enemy castles

I was told it was on purpose

Support is… special


Any update on the ability to fly directly to a castle during PVP?
It is primarily used for Swaps but is also used for sneak attacks to deep castles when pvp ends, making it easier to go deep

Not yet!

Any updates?

It will not change anything, you get around it by manipulating the passage list. Just makes it harder. And there is a delay time as well when going to a bubbled castle in pvp, which is not there if you go to a real bubble.

My guess it is another glitch where we will have to wait for a solution.

Not able to move freely as well, having to jump castles

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No. It is still affecting everyone on my team who’s testing it.

$5 says this support tech individual

  1. doesn’t know it’s PvP shields

b) doesn’t know we’ve always been able to do it before

third) didn’t actually read your ticket but just spit out a standard answer without actually trying to understand your problem


One thing that you can’t fly straight to a castle but getting delayed on bubbled for pvp castles? Just unreal

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Just needs resolving for when bubbles are down too now

There’s another glitch also which I know a lot of u don’t agree with but for those that do guard swaps be careful the hits still count after u enable shield and then u get ur castle has sustained heavy attack and it bubbles even with shield up