Blocking base rss transfers during PVP shield by parking on bases - allow base to defend itself

Just wondering if we can allow base owners to attack those who come and sit on their bases during PVP downtime’s for the sole purpose of blocking base activity while shields prevent them being attacked.

Why? Because it’s bloody annoying.


Yea. Or even allow transfers to go through if that player is given passage. At least then we don’t need to kill troops from players still figuring stuff out.

Or primarchs stuck on islands with “failed to add waypoint” or “PG just plain hates you today” error messages.

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Typically pvp isn’t disabled entirely. You can usually freely drop and put back shields which are not triggered by troop loss

not this time

@pgEcho @PGDave @PGEggToken cannot transfer rss to an island when an alliance member is on our island. When I say alliance member I do mean one of the 5 team spots that this new update allows us.

I would prefer a fu2 button.

So whomever does it gets a popup saying his/her prime has been sunk and troops permanently destroyed, no revive no glory. Thank you for griefing, please try again.

The team is working on this.

Transfers should be allowed on allied castles now.

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