Blocking or reporting


Is there a way to block or report a player…


Yes. In LC there is a button to the right if you highlight their comment. (It is a white circle with a little peg person insideand a slash across them) It gives the option to Block, Report or Block and Report.


Hes not in same league… Is in gold 1… Im in gold 4


Ok, it doesnt work with team search options but you can still block his email. Bottom left corner of email has the same symbol. It will only block email messages. But you need to contact him via email or open one that has already been sent to you.

I believe you should be able to contact support through the in game menu and ask they to block him by giving them his player name.


Already did both… Plus pretty sure he is cheating… Not sure how but his chimerak static attacks even effect blue towers…


I am not sure how Chims spells work cause I dont have him. I do know that with the correct timing I can get the blue thunderstorm spell to activate in front of and strike blue mage towers. It could be skill.

For reporting all you can do is contact support with player name and any screenshots you have. From there it is in their hands and nothing you can do further.

If you are trying to make it so he cant attack you, I dont believe that is possible. However, farming is technically against the TOS and you can also report that behavior.

Good luck, sorry I wasnt more help.


Thanks. Ill do that


Seething spark damage and stun works on blue mage as along as you time it correctly. :slight_smile:


20 attacks in row… Same player. Same dragon… Yea. Id say being farmed… Reported but not holding breath they will do anything about it


Let your team leader know, and you can also let your league know. Most players hate farmers so having the league crap on him will teach him very quickly not to be a d*ck. That being said, PM me his IGN…



Team name?

#13 team he is on


Not to generalise but I have had similar issues with players from that region…


Bottom left of this screenshot is a ‘block player’ button

It only blocks the players mail.


Still farming me… Support has done NOTHING


Don’t feel bad. We’ve had players farmed before too. Support did nothing then as well.

I did see a post once from @PGJared that said they were looking closer at players being “farmed” (or something to that effect) over on the old forums. It was never elaborated upon though. I’ve always gotten the standard “it’s a game about attacking other players, suck it up buttercup” (rough paraphrasing from support, very rough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) responses from support.

Spend your loot, leave nothing out, other than taking loot, what are they hurting?


It’s annoying I know - but as Jonesy said they don’t harm u except be really annoying.

My advice is leave it, don’t hit back and he’ll find something else to do eventually.

I did run on him a couple times tho - but he can’t touch me so no retaliation… :wink:


Are you approx same level? Is he getting xp from his runs?

We had an issue on our team before where a player was being used as an xp base. Solution was to remove all towers for a week. They get nothing for xp and loose interest fairly fast.

I will fly by and visit him too :smiling_imp:


I sent him and one of his officers a message. I dont think they will bother you again, they wont want me to visit them anymore that is for sure.

If he attacks you again let me know, I am on the forums daily.

Take care. :smile: