Blood Mist Issues/Glitch

Hey y’all! I just wanted to ask if anybody when using Blood Mist, does it appear to jam every time you let it run completely out? For me, it does every time. Supposedly there is no cooldown and is just about exactly the same as Sakura’s scatter. There were no blue mages or ice flaks nearby when I used the spell though so don’t know why it jammed.

Might be helpful to share a video of it.


I’ve seen quite a few videos of the dragon and know a few people who have it and I haven’t heard of any issue like this yet.

Screen recorder is gone for the time being. IOS update made it stop working and in game recorder keeps fizzling out every time I try to use it. I’ll try the in game one again. Gimme a few minutes

For some reason YouTube wouldn’t upload the video so I put it on a new Instagram account instead. Hope the link works:

Seems like you get the attack boost.
It cannot be cast again until the duration is complete.


Ah! That must explain why then. Okay, thanks for helping me figure out the problem causing the issue.


Let’s keep this thread open as it seems that Orca has ran into a bug with Blood Mist

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Ok, got another issue of this spell.
@Arelyna @PGLawson
Please help…
During invader runs, I’m out of Blood Mist…

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I’m curious about this bug too, as it sometimes happen with Namaka’s Cresting Wave (I mean Orca’s bug)

Off-topic: what is your device/setup? Your screenshot looks like a vivid and colorful dream compared to my game :thinking:


I use an iPhone and I modified the screen’s color setting’s but can’t remember what exactly other than the intensity.

On topic: Yeah, this is a weird bug. Did it happen with Sakura’s Scatter as well?

I had this happen to me just now. I am horsing around on my invader with level 8 Kull. I must have cast the spell 50 times spamming it because level 80s will probably kill me in one hit. Then around the second to last turn, the spell just greyed out and I couldn’t cast it anymore. It wasn’t on cooldown. Just blacked out.

That’s cause the spell has a limit of 100 casts.

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Can’t wait for the Egg Token mission “Cast Blood Mist 400 times.” :rofl:


Not sure if you are serious or trolling… :rofl:

How is that trolling? Someone has tested it, and after 100 casts the spell greys out and can’t be used again. (Also shows in the game files).

Yeah all spells actually have a cast limit, but you’re not really supposed to ever hit it except with Nova and equipped spells.


Guess that means that I can’t go on my 500+ Blood Mist spam spree

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I meant no offense, I was just dumbfounded. I mostly don’t know what is found in the game files… there are many things I’d like to know though, like the exact tower ranges, or the size of area spells and the speed of tower/Dragon shots or breath… Just to satisfy my curiosity… :sweat_smile:

I guess they should up the number of casts for a few spells if the limit is getting reached too easily… :thinking: (And I’d like to know that too :laughing:)


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