Blue and Purple Rider Shards

I was looking over the riders, we can use blue shards to get any old or new atlas rider, but I have not seen purple for a long time.
My suggestion is alternate Atlas seasons, 1 season blue, next season purple and just continue with that line.
If a rider comes out during purple keep him purple and same with blue.
Just a thought.


Or convert purple riders to blue and get rid of yet another resource that is not needed.


That sounds a lot like a rainbow evolution stone, making things that were hard to get in the past easy to get now

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Maybe… although I don’t recall any announcement that the riders during the purple era were going to be limited and if you didn’t finish them all you wouldn’t ever be allowed to. Not really intuitive since blue stone riders were not treated that way. If they did announce it as such then I withdraw my comment.


Are the purple based riders that much better? I just don’t like it when I have to get a headache to research what I can get and why.


They did say that maaaaaaaaybe purple ones will make a come back in the future but maybe not.

But it was significantly harder to get either of these brother-riders, glory wise, so you shouldn’t treat them the same way as other riders, they are same as mythic gear in rarity.
It’s not like their stats are much better than other riders, but the order to get them was way off in that and only season.


Oh pls don’t say that stone name again!! Tired of reading their threads again and again!
And this post doesn’t even ask for rainbow stone or something! Riders do not have stones!! Dragons do!

That definitely rings a bell.

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