Blue Atlas Rider Shard

Ok, I took a break from WD for awhile & have missed the opportunities to get new dragons in Atlas.
Is there my way to be able to collect the blue & gold shards for those riders?I have a few blue ones. But, I am unable to find any source for obtaining additional ones.
At present all I can do is recycle old ones. Not very practical sadly.
Thanks for your help in advance.

The yellow/gold shards are the champion shards. They can be found in the champion rider lines. =) (which has not dropped yet this season.)

Edit: just FYI these are rider shards, not dragon shards.

Thank you. Ani idea about the blue ones. I have a dozen potential riders to bring online. :pensive:

Blue ones in the atlas rider line or atlas chests, gold ones in the atlas champion line. But. There are only about two days left in the current atlas season and the last one was unexpectedly cut short by atlas downtime.

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There’s a lot in the chests as well

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