Blue Health Bar when using Healing Spells?

Hey guys,

So I know if I use a dragon that has a max heal time of 4 hours, if the dragon dies, and if the dragon has like 99% health the dragon will only have to heal for like 25 min. So the amount of health the dragon has when the match ends takes time off the healing time. So when a dragon gets their health down to say 50%, and then I heal the dragon back up to 100%, half the health bar will be green and the other half will be blue (Amount regenerated) so if the dragon has Half green Half blue, will the dragon have the healing time of 50% health or 100% health?

I’m asking because when health gets below a certain point (I think around 30%) the screen will flash red, however, if I heal so that I’m back at full health you would expect the screen to stop flashing but it doesn’t so I’m assuming my health is referring to the green portion and not the blue portion.

Does anyone know the answer?

Healing time of the green health, unfortunately.

I think dragons also have a minimum heal time as well. You can fly whatever, it take no damage, and still have ~30 minute heal time.

I used to think that healed health (blue health on health bar) reduced the healing time. Nope, sadly it doesn’t.

But, I play so much, I just ignore heal times usually and use heal pots. I haven’t ever ran out of them, at least since I was down breeding green dragons or so…

Edit: and no, the screen never stops flashing, even once you heal up to 100%, which is extremely annoying. Never really complained about it, but it would be nice of them to change it. That flashing red puts me into panic mode, then I glance at health bar and am like :man_facepalming:


This is strange… I have always been under the impression that blue health reduced healing time, up to 30 minutes give or take minutes. I have been at a point I don’t even see my health bar, regenerated to max health, and having only half an hour to wait for healing time… Maybe I’m wrong, and I will check it later.

What is said here contradicts more than a year of playing Skarr… I’m honestly confused, I usually trust Red’s opinion, along with Jonesy’s, but I need to check that with my different Dragons that can regen…

It used to change the healing time. When they introduced that one event, the one with the miracles, things changed for the event mechanics to work.

So it did change as some point. I thought it used to. I remember healing Amarok with his poison spell to reduce his healing time…bummer.

This whole time I’ve been healing at the very end too :joy:

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Don’t feel bad, I STILL do it too, out of habit.

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Let my health drop so I could heal:

Ending the run with full health (green):


This is perfect thank u!!

The health is a lie :cry:

They really SHOULD change this.

I always heal at the end assuming it shows my dragon as less dead on the report, which has no impact and may not even show the blue number there either.

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