Blue or Purple Stone Atlas Branch

With the delay in the Atlas Shuffle and extension of the Atlas season, would you consider adding a blue rider stone or purple rider stone branch? It would look like a rider branch but without portraits (100 badge atlas chests instead) and the same blue (or purple) stones as prizes. No new rider required, just the stones. @PGGalileo


Man I wish you luck :crossed_fingers: but I have little hope lol

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You’re dealing with pg…

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That would be a weird thing to add, since it would be worthless to really active atlas players, and those are exactly the players being bored now with the season long done.

i suggest another mythic branch to those who finish the mythic without having to do another 2 elite branches.

very true. was done in about 2 weeks or so when the season started for both of my mains.

tbh, it isn’t that hard with excessive amount of gp farming. i’ve seen some dudes finishing the season in mere 2 days. -less, if you actually look into hours played.

i am up for that too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh no doubt. Thing is, with the blue or purple gems, you can only get one rider per season so unless you started right at the beginning of Atlas, there are always more riders to unlock. With power creep, they’re not going to be as good as the recent ones, but any rider is good to have. I’d love them to unlock a second mythic branch – that would also be an awesome option

Just make it where I can trade in my scrolls for stones lol

I’m sure Reginald will get right on that /snark

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or heck I would trade some red ones for blue ones

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I swear, with the 10 random blue stone drops I’ve had this season I’m 2% of the way there! Just 50 more seasons to go!!!

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