Bogus Runes and Glyphs

I was researching runes and glyphs when I came upon a list at the end of a post by ShadowsOfBirds. Titled: Runes FAQ. It is fairly comprehensive, but leaves me with these questions. Are the relics literally useless or dysfunctional and can I get confirmation this is so? Will they be repaired or replaced?
I have skimmed over some topics and made a light search only to find vague references as to the relic’s use and configuration. So, hoping I haven’t duplicated any earlier posts, can I tell my team this list is reliable and dust the relics?

Yes, That list is reliable.

@TheRedDelilah had a similar list, I think it was related to the runic chest scandal a month ago… I will do my best to find it for you.

Edit: If you put the two lists together, you will know why those runes/glyphs are considered useless.

The only rare relics (to use your term :wink:) I don’t auto-salvage are : Rage and Wisdom.

Found it!!!

Thank you for the answer back. Very informative. Good to have some concrete info to relay to my group. Thanks for taking the time, I give you a dozen :rose:

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I have to laugh, my base needs a total overhaul as do some drags. I configured almost every defense tower with something on the list. I know now why it seemed so effortless for the raiders…because it was! lol
Thanks much.

I’m glad I was of help. :smiley:

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