Boise, Idaho 2019 Dragons Fest

September 27th 2019 - Friday tentative time of 11 am to 2 pm - if more people are interested but cannot come during the time between 11am to 2pm then we might possibly be able to change the time for later in the afternoon. Also, I would like to get anyone’s ideas as to what you’d like to do as well as if we should move our event to a nearby restaurant. So if you’d like to be involved or have ideas or questions please follow this link to the LINE chat group.

Unfortunately I can’t make the drive over there :pensive:

I’m sorry to hear that. We’ve still got plenty of tickets still so if you find a way out here you’ll still be able to make it.

All the excitement the two of us had and unfortunately the trivia was just not gonna do it. So we just played the game and chatted. Luckily we’re in the same alliance so we were able to strategize and have fun. Hopefully more will turn out next year.


Sorry to hear but at least you made a new friend. :grin:


Aww :pleading_face:

Maybe I don’t check this section of forums enough, cause I didn’t see this till now. Would have been to far away for me anyways tho, I’m all the way up in New Hampshire :worried:
Still don’t know anyone from WD who is in my state!

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