Bonfire (lumber dumping)

I know it had been mentioned in the past a few times, it does bear mentioning again.

Dumping lumber for egg missions is a nuisance. It is a terribly easy mission and I don’t want to see it removed, however an alternative to just randomly sending wood to people is such an inelegant solution.

How hard would it be to have the developers put in a targetable item on the den island that can accept wood? Something like a bonfire pit. We have loads of minions managing all the towers and busying about the den island maintain our dragons, it would be nice to light up a bonfire for when they are on their off-time. It doesn’t even have to give a boost, simply be and accept lumber to start the fires again and making merriment for our hardworking types.

Edit minor spelling corrections, writing from a phone is less ideal.


Maybe adding wood to incubator could speed up incubation time a bit. The times are kinda ridiculous as is, even with research.


Yeah because incubator has fire under it and more heat make it go fast :heart_eyes_cat:

See we already made the lore for you too PG. All you have to do is integrate.


More lumber for PG logic though. :laughing: but yes it’s annoying to even use up a tiny bit of my timer stash on a stupid egg.

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The ‘trick’ to this is: anyone with bank access sends a single load to themselves eg 4000
Anyone and everyone then sends to the bank. 5x 4000, everyone can do that for 20 minutes (sending in millions) until the first lot arrives.
Rinse and repeat.
Or, what we do in our team is I tell everyone they can dump to me or officers at any time. The wood vanishes into the ether, and everyone can do their quests.
Maybe an option to delete resources would be good? I love the creativity of the idea to add wood to the fire under the incubator, this is an awesome idea!

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Your towers can accept wood :upside_down_face:

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Chunk can accept wood :chunk:


Not anymore for an adult Chunk :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: .
He gets greedy and pick food instead



Less work arounds and more fun. Game needs it.

Something fun to do with wood between events is a good idea.


How about giving us the option to attack bases by launching our extra wood at towers. Let our dragons become mobile archer towers :joy:

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Maybe incubator and the forge!

10% speed boost to each should do the trick :wink:

True but timers are so very precious. When you do 10 to 14 missions a day and sometimes you get so many back to back missions, this is not a good use case. Perhaps PG loves this idea but I don’t. I have two towers always going in between forts, and any real construction only ever gets done in fort.

I love this idea, like having a one time use “homemade” wood bomb that you can launch at a tower.

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Not everyone has Atlas, and those that do, only a small percentage of people have access to the vault. The idea is to give everyone an option to make room in their inventory for egg missions.

Yup! The more wood you use, the stronger the bomb :smiling_imp:

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or just remove the complete pve event so we can build,breed in anytime we want :yum:

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