Bonificación de xp en atlas

Hola tengo una duda sobre cómo aumenta la bonificación de xp de atlas.
Tengo entendido que es al mejorar el cuartel general, pero ya lo hemos mejorado varias veces seguidas y no ha aumentado el xp
¿Alguien sabe por qué?
¿Estoy haciendo algo mal?

English Translate: Hi, I have a question about how the atlas xp bonus increases.
I understand that it is by improving the headquarters, but we have already improved it several times in a row and the xp has not increased
Does anyone know why?
I am doing something wrong?

I’m not sure from an officer standpoint, but research also helps with xp improvements.

Each HQ level gives a certain number of points. When your total HQ points across all castles is high enough, you get the next bonus level. You need more and more castles (or higher and higher infrastructure levels) to get the higher level bonuses.

There are tables in the spreadsheet vault that show you how many points you need for each bonus level and how many points each HQ level gives. You can also see your current status in game if you tap the Bonuses button in your castle, then within that screen tap HQ for a breakdown of your HQ points and how many you need for the next xp increase.

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