Bonus achievements in Atlas Events

There’s bonus achievements past the points listed in normal war dragons events but why not atlas events?

Troop training is the only one I’ve gone over the max points fairly consistently being elite only and not having atlas for more than a few months to earn the supplies to be able to actually max out the other events.

But like it would be nice if PG could implement bonus achievements in atlas events just like normal war dragons events for the people that go above the achievement cap.

PS: I’m like 100k points over and still have 20 hours left in event


Yeah I found this really odd when I first got atlas. Do they not want people to keep participating in atlas events? I guess it could be because they want people spending $$$ on atlas packs instead of getting too many free diamonds and crafting shards from events

Aww I suppose that would make sense, just another method of grabbing $ I suppose

If you’re not careful they’ll just adjust the troop training event so you need to score more points to get the same rewards.

“Oh, people are reaching 344k easily in troop training! Let’s double the point values for all the rewards! And then double them again!”


You right :rofl:

@thatsCrazey That’s crazy! I really hope they don’t do that. The peasants who can’t afford Atlas elite would get screwed over big time.


You mean a peasant like me? :rofl:

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I’m a peasant too :joy:

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that’s drug for peasants though! there lies the issue :frowning:

I’m sorry this made me laugh :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I thought it was funny too :laughing: That’s why I posted it lol.

I’m a peasant as well. Completely F2P

I’m a slightly more well off peasant then, since I can afford regular elite (but only because my boss gives me gift card money at Christmas lol).

I’m emperor kuzco!
Boom baby!

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Okay 1 hour left in the event my points will go up a bit more, whatever, this is what I’m looking at in the troop train event

Like pleaseeeee addd more bonus achievements I’m almost 300k points past the 344k highest point cap. And I’m not even as active as I have been in previous events lol

Edit: I wrote this and forgot to actually post it so events been over lol

How do you have the old UI look when it’s been months and months and months since it’s been changed? :thinking: :t_rex:

The ss is slightly cropped? I dunno what you mean, I’ve only had atlas since plat update

I mean the look of the screen you screenshotted is grey but the design of the in-game screens looks very different now, even in Atlas. The grey UI was gone a long time ago. :t_rex:

Dunno, I have all the updates

Mine looks the same. I think you’re mistaken :joy: