Bonus Daily Check-in (new)



Why do not we all have this new daily prize?
Why is this new system not rewarding with higher and higher premiums with increasing daily inputs?
When will we have it all?

Daily login glitched
Let's try something different with PG

I told ya, @mechengg… It’s real.

I’ve never seen it before now, just the backend files.

Thanks, @ArabaFenice84, for the screenshots.


So it looks like a system with normal rewards and then a slightly boosted one every 5 days.

And it looks like it cycles tokens, rubies and speedups for the day 5 prize.

It looks like an improvement overall ish. Nothing massive but still. Is this on the live server now as another a/b test?


Woah that’s a thing? Bounty harbor replacement or addition?

Interesting to see, and annoying to see that freebies are handed out only to a few random people again. At least these are small stuff, not ten thousands of rubies like with leveling…


Take a look:


Heeey you’ve reappeared! :wink:


What are the x2 symbols next to the item x2? The gold symbol


It’s a elite multiplier. You get double the prize.

That’s in one of the files I didn’t share.


Huh that’s interesting, and a new add on to elite as it doesn’t influence the checkins currently


Atlas elite or regular elite?


It’s a game check-in. Regular elite is the only thing that makes sense to me.

The field is simply “Elite Multiplier.”


Wow it’s not Atlas check in, surprising. :clap:


Whoa :astonished: now who’s getting such rewards? What kind of account elite/non elite, high/low level took ss from? :thinking:


Slightly off topic, and I’m showing some of my ignorance here, but I wonder where you get such files? You, Mech, a few others are able pull all kinds of awesome data, but from where? I assume this info is not handed out to just any, but rather those trusted/creators/gameplay faction players. Just wondering.


They could put in a sets system where after 1 month you roll into set 2 for a + in items. Then each year in April, I believe, on War Dragons Anniversary they reset the sets. So if you log in every day for a full year you’d be finishing set 12. They couldn’t continue sets I don’t think as players like myself would be on set 39 if they implemented at the beginning, which would be crazy amount of daily items.



Welcome back :kissing_heart: I have missed your quips and witty posts and feared I would never read them again :frowning_face:

On topic: I wonder if my accounts have that new bounty harbor thingy :thinking: The rewards look way better than what I’ve typically been getting…


:smirk: Well, it’s Savage we’re talking about. :grin:
@SavageAFforPG glad you’re back. :smile:


It’s not bounty Harbor, as best I can tell.

It’s a totally different file. But maybe it is… Maybe the people who have been complaining about once a day harbor rewards have been getting this. No one has posted screenshots before, so I had to guess. And I didn’t want to start a riot, so I didn’t make a big deal about something that may not have even been real.

It has been in the game for a while.

Off-topic: thanks. I’m considering changing my name. :slight_smile:


Don’t quite understand whats that supposed to mean :sweat_smile:

  1. The chosen.
  2. Either, but elite gets double.
  3. Almost certainty regular elite, since it is in the main game.
  4. Level doesn’t appear to make any difference in rewards, only checking in every day.