Bonus Daily Check-in (new)



It’s not handed out to anyone. This is more a matter of taking a crowbar and some screwdrivers to the game, take it apart, and see what’s inside.


First welcome back @SavageAFforPG
2nd we need this, it rewards those devoted players.


Thank you. Glad to be back, but a break was nice too.

I agree that we should have something like this. It should be a little more than this, but the idea is good.

Also, since PG is all about game/life balance now, I find it much less intrusive to log in only once a day rather than 4 times. So, let’s scrap the “every six hours” checking in for a Ballista resist and an explosive shield.


Nicely put. I light-years away from that level or tech-savvy. My wife could likely figure it out, but I’d likely need classes :sweat_smile:


This got looked over


It sure did :slight_smile:


:roll_eyes: welcome back Crazy :wave:

Edit: I have cake today, want some?


You as well bud :heart:


It replaces bounty harbor from what the person who has it (not in this thread) wrote.

@BattIeBeard Seeing how to extract files is Google-able without PG providing them. Some companies get upset over sharing actual steps :stuck_out_tongue:


if you have the regular elite account (not atlas) it rewards you giving you the doubling of the prize.
only one redemption per day.
pity that only some players and not all of them have it, you can not take more than these a / b tests for some players and not for all


I wonder if it is really a test.

Seems that some things are just available to one group and not to another.


Try starting up a brand brand new alt account :upside_down_face:


I’m willing to bet accounts made this year, maybe starting around April, will find this feature. :slight_smile:


When I wonder out loud, I usually know the answer. :stuck_out_tongue:


What I’m wondering about is what are those little icons at the bottom of the prizes, it says for example 60 rubies + 2 of something


It’s x2. And it’s a boost for having elite.


If they really wanna promote loyalty then have them compounding, even if they’re small amounts then someone FTP could really see some strong benefits by being super loyal


Indeed. My wife has taught herself how to do those sorts of things. She’s been called upon to root through the cell phones of the “questionable partners” of family members, etc. I have never bothered learning. I was just curious if PG had offered/allowed information to certain players, or if there was somewhere to get the info that I was not privy to. Nope! Just some good ol’ diggin’. Got it!


I knew i saw it somewhere in those release notes.

@SavageAFforPG see


April. :slight_smile:

I guess I was right.