Bonus Daily Check-in (new)



Man when they say slowly they do really mean sloooooowly don’t they?


That’s what i was thinking too :joy::joy::joy:
But i’m get used to "we’re releasing something slowely " and we all know how it ends …


I bet we’re all still waiting. :slight_smile: Well, anyone that was here for the announcement is still waiting.


Nope, sister started around first of September and don’t have it.

Edit: must be a random thing to people after April then :man_shrugging:


About the speed of enterprise deployments that claim they’ll only take two years but take five when brought down to timescale of the gaming world :stuck_out_tongue:


Could they maybe slow down the speed of this rollout? I’m having difficulty keeping up with the blinding pace of these improvements.


They would’ve rolled it out faster, but they kept being distracted by all these glaciers speeding by outside.


That’s cool and I want it. :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:


You’re right, I mean, a screenshot of it appearing after 6 months is almost unheard of with their speed :rofl:


There is 3 times when we would see this:

1- By the end of the week

2- 7.84.1 release notes: “We’re adding free stuff you can get every day by just getting into the game, thing we’ve promised by 4.20 but never rolled out to everybody because you know season dragons and changing event cadence is way more important”

3- Or simply never

I want to be optimist and say option 3 is the most possible


You know it’s like those splash screens they said they were adding (wich were super cool btw) and we all know what happened next …

What i’m reffering to:


I never saw those, wish they’d been run out they look awesome!


As someone who has played this game for almost four years, I don’t think I’ve ever been involved in any test group. So honestly doesn’t seem random. Maybe they’re avoiding players who have the feature to use rubies for elite accounts :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’ve been playing for just over 1 and haven’t been a part of any of the 3 tests that I’ve known of since just a year ago when I started so it’s probably not that. I do know that between this stunt and the difference in packs they have just lost alot of paying players.


Is this come with new update? Why you guys doing randomly everytime? Before you were giving rubies to those who completed 1 lvl and that was also randomly and still didnt get any news about it. @PGCrisis


For all I’ve seen the improvements have increased these last month’s, so I tend to believe they hired a new employee. So after this rolls to everyone we are just missing gold boxes prizes escalation, taking back possibility to see if player is online, monument drops escalation (1 1min :smirk:), xp adjustment, calculation of base Def with rider and gear, elimination or profound modification of KW. I’m spectant :face_with_monocle::crazy_face:


the A/B test again ? come on why keep frustrating ppl again with all the bugs in game


was it really a break? :thinking:
But love the new name and the branding


The break was real. Might have been a little shorter than it seemed. :man_shrugging:


These things dont seem to be Tests anymore, its like pg is going on and then they give random players New “features” which the rest of the playerbase will never see. PG’s communication is anyway completely bullshit at the Moment so getting a Statement is so unlikely