Bonus Daily Check-in (new)



I’m pretty sure that it isn’t being gradually rolled out. I JUST created an account like 10 minutes ago. It’s level 4. It has the daily check-in bonus. There is absolutely 0 chance that it gradually rolled out to a 10 minute old account within the past 10 minutes. :man_shrugging:




Savage! :heart:


I’ve just discovered. he this element is available only for new members of the game, while for us veterans, only useless stuff for free


hey. where is daily check in??? i don’t know


Well I’m sure they are trying to see if it helps improve engagement from new players. Those of us who are already daily-check-in type players don’t need incentivizing. My alt is on a gold team - I’d say about only half the players check in daily. Would love to see more engagement from the other half.


Only for new players :sob::sob::sob:


Made a new account. Doesn’t have this daily check in thing. Did get two free days of Atlas Elite and the Morrigan portrait, though.


More new entry friend have in in thier new account


I have an elite account but I still harvest bounty harbor 4 times a day.


how do you get to this screen? I have never seen it, nor do I think I get daily bonuses.


PG has to deem you worthy of it :joy: from what I’ve seen it is typically new players who get it


Long term paying customers are not allowed to have nice things like this, better value packs, or free vanguard dragons. Lots of posts about it.


I’ve made several new accounts and they all have it. It is done through Bounty Harbor.


Say what now?
Why the hell is this not available to everyone?

This is an absolute joke!


Did you see the actual reward amounts relative to what you currently get every 6 hours from the bounty harbor. It doesn’t really look like a whole bunch of goodies for a 30 day period to be honest…


I am aware. Another mechanic that could have made the game better and a bit more engaging to ALL players. Instead just sad rewards only given to random players. The forum has gotten more exciting than the game, and the forums pretty terrible


@PGCrisis maybe you can help and get some answers from your team regarding this? I’d love to have access to a daily reward check in .
Thanks in advance!


My fiance has it on her account but I don’t. I hope they roll it out to everyone.


I had this checkin on my newest account for about one week, then it reverted back to the normal bounty harbour