Bonus Rewards in Breeding Event


I just wanted to say thanks for the bonus rewards that are popping up in the reward lines as you hit the point milestones. I appreciate the extra sigils and rubies!


Don’t let them fool you. They’re not “extra”.


They are extra.

During the last breeding event 1,900 points would would give you the 200 sigil mark. it’s exactly the same this time around except you also got the 25 bonus at 1,200 points.


Honestly i like this “Bonus” :slight_smile:

It is a nice idea which made me smile a bit, but instead of similar stuff it could be cool if they use that Bonus step for different things.
For example just 10 mystic fragments on that step, or on different steps green/gold research eggs :slight_smile:

Nice step :+1: step by step it will be better i think :+1:


I’m not buying it.


I confirmed before posting; I recorded the prize levels during the summer season up to the 58k mark as that is about as far as I could hope to get right now, The normal sigil rewards are the same; the bonus lines, while not much, are extra and I thought a nice thing.


Well that’s nice.

I have been playing long enough to know it’s unlike PG to just throw this out without taking something away. My humble opinion, nothing more.


I’m not selling it.


I think that it is a nice touch by PG, and it isn’t that much at all so I think there isn’t a catch, I would prefer them to do stuff like this more often to acccomodate the amount of materials we need to continue to level up as the progression is messed up.


Myself I kinda like Emrahs Idea on the bonus lines


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