Book recommendations


Help!! I read my last book and need a new one to read ASAP. I like fantasy and sci-fi books. If you wondered, yes, books are my life.


Harry Potter (my favorite), but depends on your age group. Young adult, children, or teen


Oh gosh, there are so many great authors that I barely know where to start. If you like science fiction, Elizabeth Moon’s Vatta’s War series is amazing.

Robin McKinley’s “The Hero and the Crown” and “The Blue Sword” are both fantastic Fantasy books.

Personally, I’d like to know what authors in those genres that you enjoy before I start rattling off a huge list of books that I felt were a great read.


Oops sorry I didn’t say I read adult books. It would take me all day to list and remember favorite authors.


Some of the best written books I have read were geared towards young adults, Harry Potter, ReadyPlayerOne, Enders Game, etc…

Seems, to me, that most of the “adult” writers go into too much depth (Clancy,Old Dude writing Game of Thrones, etc), make them all about murder, blood, end of the world, etc, or straight up romance/borderline porn.

The young adult genre tends to stick to telling fantastic stories without so much of that other stuff. You may like the other stuff, but if I wanted blood, death, etc, I could watch the nightly news :rofl:


Finn Fancy Necromancy


But for real, it’s funny fantasy, author is Randy Henderson.

And, if you haven’t, N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth Trilogy is a fantastic science fiction series. Actually I liked everything of hers that I’ve read.

Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series, you know, because dragons!


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Percy Jackson and the Olympians
The Heroes of Olympus
Pretty much every book by Rick Riordan.
There are also like five long chapter books in each series so these should last you awhile. They’re long books, but they are super entertaining. They’re even better if you like Greek Mythology.


I know your thread is a year old and the replies have become scarce but it’s never too late for a good series of books or two or fifteen!

My favourite authors :

Sarah J. Maas (new first fav’! Hold me down or I’ll talk about it for HOURS!)

  • Throne of Glass (finished series)
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses (first arc finished, hopefully ongoing… Personal favourite)

Close seconds :

Robin Hobb (she’s awesome!) :

  • Pretty much all her books written under this name, you can last a lot of time with just a series or two.

Orson Scott Card (Sci-fi and fantasy author) :

  • Ender’s Game (and multiple sequels)

Garth Nix (old favourite) :

  • Old Kingdom series

Honorable mentions :

Stuart Hill :

  • The Icemark Chronicles

Diana Wynne Jones :

  • Howl’s Moving Castle

Joanne M. Harris :

  • The Gospel of Loki (Norse mythology seen through the Trickster’s eyes. Sequel not read yet)

Classics (to read even though you know it by heart) :

  • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  • The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling
  • White Fang by Jack London
  • Any revisited fairytales that have a modern twist (that’s how I found A Court of Thorns and Roses…)

I think that’s quite a few already :rofl:


His dark materials of Philip Hoffman is a good one


I don’t read as much as most of you, but never miss a book by Dan brown or Jeffery Deaver. Definitely worth a try.


I keep reading those words and they don’t make any sense to me.

Are you trying to suggest you don’t have a pile of books on your dresser that you need to read. Because the pile of books on your nightstand is so big you are worried about it falling over and burying you in your sleep.

This is a really old threat but I’ve never had anything but positive feedback from my recommendation of John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series.


Black Jewels series by Anne Bishop, what you can get from Orson Scott Card like The Homecoming series or Tales of Alvin Maker, Women of Genesis series, Wraeththu or the Magravandias series by Storm Constantine, Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix and last but not least The War of the Spider Queen a project by RA Salvatore and a team of writers



The Icewind Dale trilogy (and all subsequent books in the seemingly neverending series😂) by R.A. Salvatore are fantastic. Drizzt is one of my favorite characters of all time.

I also recommend The Belgariad and The Malloreon, each a 5 book collection by David and Leigh Eddings, with Belgarath the Sorcerer and Polgara the Sorceress as stand alone novels that go with them.

None of these are new though. Lol


The Magicians by Lev Grossman
A Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin


I’m currently reading (via Audio Book) the Dresden Files. A science-fantasy series about a Wizard Private Investigator who lives in Chicago. I’m enjoying the series very much!


Salvatore is really fantastic :smiley:


Not to be that person, but I think you mean Philip Pullman. Good books. I even heard he has put out more to go with that series. I was crazy over those in High School.


Probably mistook with other, thanks for the correction :+1:

Edit: Paul Hoffman is the one I mixes with, who wrote the “left hand of God” trilogy. Nice one too, but not as good as Pullman


Big Fantasy fan here. Since I don’t know what you read so far I will give some of the book series that I found fun to read:
First books about Dragons:

  1. Robin Hobb’s series (as mentioned by Kardul) they are awesome and they are with Dragons. Actually I would love to see some of characters from the books in the game. It would be fun to fly Tintaglia or Icefire.
  2. A song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R Martin (If you hadn’t already read it)
  3. Traitor son by Miles Cameron: Dragons and wyverns are two different species and sorcerer dragons are not the most pitiful creatures …
  4. Earthsea cycle - by Ursula K. Le Guin (also Rocannon’s World which has the only thing better than Dragons … Flying cats)
  5. The Draconis Memoria Series by Anthony Ryan
  6. The Dagger and the Coin Series by Daniel Abraham
  7. Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik - I read the first books of the series but I stopped after a while. However I thought the series was awesome.
    Books without Dragons (though they might have one or two lying around)
  8. Wheel of time Series - Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson (last three books) (though I found it searching Dragon in google and well it’s about The Dragon but alas no dragon has been found inside) awesome series, must read
  9. Memory, Sorrow and Thorn Series - Tad Williams (Dragon inside) (as well as The Last King of Osten Ard Series)
  10. Anything written by Brandon Sanderson
  11. The Broken Earth Series - N.K. Jemisin
  12. Anything by Joe Abercrombie
  13. Red sister by Mark Lawrence
  14. Powder Mage Series by Brian McClellan
  15. The Shadow Campaigns Series by Django Wexler
  16. Demon Cycle Series -Peter V. Brett
  17. Psalms of Isaak Series - Ken Scholes
    Sci Fi:
  18. The Expanse series - James S.A. Corey
  19. Imperial Radch Series - Ann Leckie

There are more but this post is getting too big. Anyway thar’s a lot to read on this list :slight_smile: