Bookmarking guardians for the shrine of the elements

I feel like this probably is frowned upon, however is it considered blatant cheating? Like am I going to get my account banned if I do practice runs?

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If you are not gaining points for doing that, I don’t think this is will result in a ban. Though a bug, it’s kind of a harmless one and might be also what the others want (being able to rerun the guardian base for the sake of practice or for challenging it)

However, final say is still on PG.

Wouldnt be the same anyways

Damn why didn’t I ever see this :eyes:

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I probably not seeing this because the event page would disable my bookmark function like alway does

Event page doesn’t disable bookmark function before attacking the base AFAIK.

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You can bookmark them but then when you go to your bookmarks it tells you the bookmark has been deleted

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Good to know. I was too scared to try so I just sat there and stared at the bookmarked base.

That being said, if you bookmark the regular pve temple guards I can confirm you can attack them. I bookmarked that as an xp base in case atlas goes down for an extended period of time again. I wasn’t too worried about testing that base out.

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