Boost egg 100% not work

Don’t work after 2 day and reinstall

Try submit a ticket, then tag Arelyna.

I do ticket … they say reinstal, but don’t work it

Post the number here.

I don’t get my token boost either. Had this several times since last week. Support tries to be helpful and makes “adjustments to my account” and after a reinstall it works. Sometimes. Sometimes not. As today. So over the last week I lost some thousands of token and that’s quite frustrating as I do my egg-runs religiously.

Ah, and I don’t get chests, either.

I had an issue last night with mine. The boost was there but my tokens weren’t changing. Stuck at same as before I got the boost. The CSR fixed mine. It is working again for me. Said they did a manual patch to mine.

@M0Tade and @lullar, please try force quitting, reopening the game, and doing a few runs. I did a tweak on my end that should resolve the issue.

@Arelyna I thought mine was fixed and it went from 129k to 131k but I have done 3 runs since and my egg tokens are not increasing. I did reply to my ticket, but generally they don’t reply back for days after they have answered. Any help here? Ticket #1367690

Not trying to be crass but have you gotten more than a thousand tokens in three runs? It doesn’t display single digit precision.

Hopefully it’s just that

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I hope it is just that but last night after token boost was applied it was stuck at 129k. Wrote to support they said they fixed it and it seemed ok went from 129k to 131k after morning runs but I have done 3 or more runs since and it has not moved. I guess I monitor it the rest of the day and see what happens. But I lost tokens yesterday because I spent most of the day watching to see if it was me over reacting or if the issue was the tokens weren’t crediting.


It would move more in the morning because you’re claiming your meeting hall eggs and possibly atlas eggs in addition to the two larger missions.

It should definitely tick up by the end of the day if you’re not missing many runs. How about from chests?

Good luck!

I will keep an eye on it and I do have a ticket in so if there is a still an issue at end of day will post again. I do my egg missions hourly. Should say most of the time and have been on top of runs this morning as I have been collecting lumber and food for the event, so I will see what happens at end of day.

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@SuzzQ, are you still having this issue?

Sorry, I am not it seems to have worked through the problem I was having. Thanks!

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У меня есть эта пробоема
Как и то,что я не получаю сундуки уже вот как вторую неделю

@Arelyna now I have the 125% boost and it is not working. Supports answer was to uninstall and reinstall and this did not fix it. :frowning: