Boost Prices - 100% Egg Token Price

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I want to verify of I will get the 100% Egg Token Bonus Mission, how many egg token will I get on each mission everytime I will accomplish them?

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40+40. 80+80. 160+160

If you have an elite

Without elite “I think” it’s jist 40-80-160

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The egg token bonus won’t kick in right away either. It applies at the next multiplier reset. (Although PG’s official answer is to wait 24 hours after obtaining it)


I’m on elite account now. I want to know how many tokens I get if I will get that 100% Egg Token Bonus on Boost Prizes.

He already gave you the answer.

There are three missions.

The 1 hour - normally worth 20 tokens
The 4 hour - normally worth 40 tokens
The 20 hour - normally worth 80 tokens

With bonus And Elite you are doubled twice

The 1 hour - 40 + 40 (Or 80)
The 4 hour - 80 + 80 (Or 160)
The 20 hour - 160 + 160 (Or 320)

EDIT: these bonuses only increase token missions on the blimp, not your daily War tokens, or any other thing that gives you tokens

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It is also worth noting that during breeding event this amount of tokens is not doubled once more, it stays 40+40, 80+80, 160+160 (If elite and token bonus at the same time)

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