BORING egg token missions

I don’t see any discussion of this… I am curious as to why the egg token missions have changed from requiring us to use a certain spell X # of times to now just farming or attacking. Reviewing our dragon spells and perhaps becoming more skilled at using them while accomplishing the mission was interesting, at the least. Heck, I didn’t even know the name of half the spells, so I would have to go through my roster and find the spell, and fly dragons that I would normally just let sit there. Now the missions are BORING…. and let’s face it; the game has changed enough that we rarely actually need to farm to get the resources we need, so these simple missions are just busy work.

Thoughts? PG, would you care to comment?

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Don’t knock it. The easier the better


Egg token missions have always been boring u just got to deal with it the more you complain the more the game will bite you in the butt

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Please don’t make an issue of this, with dragon and rider missions on top of balloon missions, I’m grateful for it being easier. If you want more excitement open up atlas.


Rahat görev yapmak için bu şekilde oyunu oynamaya devam herşey mükemmel

They’ve always been busy work. I’m glad I can now run the missions with dragons I actually want to level up.


I actually think all “grinding” things should be auto-gifted at certain intervals of time… and if you don’t check in, you don’t get the prize, just like daily egg bonus. if they’re so easy you can do them mindlessly, then don’t waste your customers time and make the game less exciting in doing so.

Those things should get people’s feet in the door to come back to PLAY the game, not to mindlessly grind.

This applies to egg tokens but also gold payout in atlas, etc…

All the grinding makes the game less fun. If you’re going to ask people to grind it should be on challenging and FUN activities/events. There’s no fun in gathering lumber or hitting ms. mercy 4x or doing gold runs or whatever. it’s just a waste of time.

There are already mechanisms in the game, they just need to be more rewarding…

Some ideas on making fun events;

  1. Make Wars FUN AGAIN… give everyone 10k eggs for winning a war. That would actually be useful. 120 extra eggs or whatever is kind of meaningless.
  2. Make Defending Bases Fun… successful defend = 1000 eggs, something exciting.
  3. Make defeating an enemies castle fun, like everyone on the team gets 10k eggs.

Egg missions really aren’t a grind IMO. You can do all of them on auto battle. But yes, I can see how they’ll get annoying after years.

And in answer to the OP, just no. Use X spell and deal X damage with Draco was a dang hassle.

YES, I actually would love to war, but you’re essentially being punished for winning. You get a pitiful amount of tokens and you’re gaining league points which makes events harder.

Bit much but I like the idea :slight_smile:

Eek, not sure about this one. I’m not sure I want to see defenders on normal attacks.

But they are? Like I do not know anyone who enjoys them. They do them as they are profitable. And if they do make full use of them they are a grind.

If people just do one or two a day it’s because they aren’t fun. Token missions are super boring.

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This whole game is either a grind or a moneypit. If you dont want to grind, then don’t :woman_shrugging:t2: Pay your way.

Leave the grind boring for those of us who don’t mind grinding, but still want to be able to do it fairly quickly. :wink: