Boring spellsets, the bane of Dragon spells conception

Developer teams,

I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart to reconsider the way you conceive Dragon spells. There’s no hope left for Skoll & Hati to be improved anymore (still bitter such an interesting Dual Dragon is burdened by a “difficult” spellset), but there’s still hope for the future Summer season (pretty sure it’s already too late for Spring season unfortunately…).

Let’s think back to the previous seasons and tiers.

  • How many Divines were considered cruelly underpowered? Too many.
  • How many were considered good enough, or even ones you wouldn’t want to miss out? Just a few, here and there.

And I’m wondering, was it by design they were good… Or by chance? I will blame one thing for this : test builts boring spellsets.

From the comments below it appeared that I was attacking the wrong issue and if I hurt anyone in the GPF with my careless assumptions I present my apologies. I know you’re doing your best, and I hope PG will listen closely to your feedback!

Shifting the discussion towards spellsets interesting vs. boring, with references to old Dragons spellsets and how they worked for the metagame then.

Please don’t use this opportunity to request they bring back retired Dragons to players through any form. This is NOT that kind of thread. Thank you in advance.


What do you think the GPF does?

I don’t deny that the spells have been…boring recently, though.


I think you do that, in my limited knowledge of the GPF.

I’m absolutely not denying the efforts you make in the Gameplay Faction, but I actually meant to cover this possibility with the Hauheset example : the GPF members use the Dragons vs. defended bases, and developers just receive the results and analyse them.

I’d like them to fly the Dragons themselves in real situations to evaluate their potential. To be actors, not spectators.


So they could die on every base then make every dragon way OP just bc “they couldn’t do it”

I do get what you are saying, I’d just rather have them actually listen to the gpf than developers trying to understand what works


That’s not the result we want either (“OP dragons” everywhere :expressionless:)

Obviously there would be a lot of tweaks to make for Dragons to end up balanced, neither too strong nor too weak.

It would “just” require a regular feedback from both side (from what I gathered, that’s not always the case… :roll_eyes:)


(Insert Surt meme here):joy::rofl:


The first achievement I hope for now is…

Noone in GPF will need to ask to PG about changes they don’t see post release.
I mean in PG’s side, not GPF’s side…

At least until next year…


I see what you’re saying, I just think you’re making a lot of assumptions of what is happening and not happening. I also think you’re not taking into account that business thingy - that perhaps different dragons have a different business purpose.

I also, in general, happen to disagree. The GPF are the experienced players, and we all are very honest and aware of where we sit. It’s no secret that @Lutrus is an ungodly flier. If he cannot make a dragon perform, no one can. I’m slightly above average on a good day. @LizDrakemoor is self proclaimed average. If you imagine we are very honest, and unbiased, in various situations. We didn’t see the brainstorming meetings, we didn’t bug test as they did the engineering, etc.

Basically, I just disagree with you. PG is the business and they have different purposes. I think instead what you should be asking for, what the community should be, is for PG to trust the GPF. Prime example; SURT.


Agree with red. We need to change the notion that every dragon should match our expectations. Just sayin :hugs::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I could see both sides. But I don’t want boring dragons for the next year. Like I want new and fun spell sets. Also balanced as well. I just don’t want the common everytime there’s a legendary warrior it’s gonna be crap, or the standard hunter, white disable/freeze spell then blue cloak. Like I would enjoy seeing those old timer spells kits here and there but I don’t want them everywhere as it seems with this new tier. And in part now it’s seems PG is afraid to make a strong dragon because they don’t want to have to nerf it. Now there going back to warriors sucking, sorcerers are meh and hunters are above average with this new tier. I want good fun balanced dragons. I want a sorcerer that has its spirit leaves it physically body and goes forward to attack. I want a dragon to create a warp and make a tower vanish for a time. I want fun strong fun balanced dragons and I don’t think PG will be able to do that on their own. (Maybe besides duskfall)

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I agree, 100%.


Hmm. Not quite. But everything sucks in the new tier except some “meh” options. I think there is more to that than just not wanting to to be too strong in fear of nerf. Can’t say more.

That sounds neat. I do think this comes back to the designers keeping a skill ceiling in mind and remembering that people don’t have to be able to fly dragons amazingly from their first run. I don’t think that’s a test thing, it’s a design thing. Random, but relevant tag, for @PGEcho due to my next statement. I miss the older divines, the ones where they were all truly different and the spells had great synergy when flown well. Gimme another Dima, baby.


Then a suggestion to Bring back Old Divine won’t be so bad, as long as the one brought back is the flying style, not the dragon itself… Am I right?


I’m glad that my topic is bringing up discussions about how to make better Dragons, but had I been told me it would turn into a Bring older Dragons back (spellwise) I wouldn’t have believed it! :joy:

So that’s not test built which is the issue, but the spellsets. I totally agree to change my point of view, but I need to do my homework and check those old spellset because the only pre-season Divine I own is Sigurd.

I remember at the time (Fall 2016) Nightshade had a good spellset. Probably not relevant anymore but working for the metagame then.

I’m going to check those old Divines :wink:

Let’s take Dima for instance: cloak, steal essence, death gaze, and archer resist. She’s a beast of a dragon. Beast. Steal essence brings planning to the table, the death gaze (RED) made amazing things possible. She was amazing. But. If you couldn’t plan ahead, you would fail.

Note; no white spells


Steal essence and derivatives spells are really interesting and versatile indeed. It made Dragons fun to fly and not boring to defend against because you had to pay attention to the spells they stole.
No wonder she was your favourite :wink:

I think there are a little too many white spells lately. It makes players lazy since they aren’t bothered by mages to cast anymore. You can have too much of a “good” thing if it kills the fun.


I call myself average because although I do have runs of brilliance, I can’t manage to get those results every time :laughing: I may be underestimating my flying skills, but after seeing the crazy stuff that Lutrus pulls off… it makes me feel like a clumsy, bumbling newbie in comparison :sweat_smile:


I think in GPF world you and I are average, or there around. In the scheme of the game, we are well above now since dragons take like 1 iota of skill. Wasn’t trying to put you down my love :kissing_heart:

I know you weren’t :kissing_heart: but I look at some of the other flyers in the GPF and am all “hahahahahahaha, I’m a lowly peasant compared to them :laughing:

I know I fly like a dodo, but I try to improve and challenge myself :joy:

I said I’d be the Hauheset pilot for my team and I’ll be damned if I give up before becoming consistently decent with her! That’s about the only good thing when you’re feisty and stubborn :upside_down_face: You never give up :sunglasses:

I can tell I’m 100% supportive of the GPF but I’m not a member for good reasons.
I’m more often wrong than not about Dragons or bases (the initial topic of this thread is a good example as pointed out), and being mod doesn’t change a thing about me (except that I have to be extra careful with off-topic or I’d have to flag myself everyday :sweat_smile:).

I certainly hope that if I’m wrong about a subject, players won’t ever be afraid to tell me honestly.