'Borrowing' Dragons idea

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask everyone, do you all like the idea of ‘borrowing’ dragons? First of all, here’s the first template I came up with and will try to ‘talk through it’ as well as how I would imagine it:

1: Back button- Obviously we will need the back button to go back to the previous page.
2: List tab- That tab shows the list of dragons that the user has decided to allow other teammates to ‘borrow’.
3. “Currently Viewing: [Username]'s Dragon List” is just there to say what you are viewing.
4. The table of dragons that the user is allowing us to ‘borrow’. This includes basic details about the dragon and dragons current tier.
5. Dragon info. tab- This contains a full image of the dragon along with the same details that are in as you are viewing the details of the dragons when you are in the breeding castle.
6. Further info. about dragon- That tab includes information such as the dragons recent successes on runs (3 in total) and which towers on average that dragon can beat. The game should tell it automatically… and correctly.
7. Exit button- We all need to exit it somehow, right?

Questions that I could think off that you may ask me:

Q1: What is the whole idea of this? What is this for?
A1: This is a little feature that I thought will be nice having. I thought that teammates can ‘borrow’ each others dragons to take a run in and that it can choose whether they want it for fun or earn XP for them.

Q2: Are you thinking of any restrictions to this?
A2: There are 2 restrictions that I thought of and the first one is going on declared wars. I don’t think it should be right to have that feature in declared wars area as then most people will be able to earn 5 flames. The other restriction is that I think it should be borrowing 3 dragons per day.

Q3: What should the teammates get from this once a teammate ‘borrows’ their dragon(s)?
A3: Everytime a teammate borrows some other teammates dragon, I was thinking that that teammate should then earn something like 500 to 1,000 rubies (example). (e.g. teammates A borrows a dragon from teammate B so teammate B will earn a reward).

Q4: So can everyone choose which dragons they don’t mind other’s using?
A4: Pretty much. At least that’s what think should happen.

Q5: Will PG add this feature?
A5: Unfortunatly, I cannot tell the future XD. You should ask them. If they like this idea, maybe… but I’m not sure.

Q6: How many dragons can you allow other teammates to borrow?
A6: I was thinking maximum of 5.

Q7: What is the Further info. tab all about?
A7: That tab should give the correct information about which bases the dragon can take on as well as the towers (on average) and its most recent successful runs. This will be able to help the other teammates identify which bases that dragon can attack.

Q8: Are you thinking that if this feature will be released, there will be restrictions on who should use it?
A8: This is a feature that i’m hoping to be released to everyone (obviously when they are in a team).

Q9: Anyone who hasn’t got a team, will this feature apply to them?
A9: This is more of a ‘team’ thing that I came up with. If there will be a permission of some sort to allow those non-team users to borrow other users dragons from other teams will need their permission, this will involve adding ‘Allow Once’ and ‘Always Allow’ buttons if there’s someone who is hasn’t got a team and wants to borrow someone elses dragon that can be irritating. Unless that will be set to ‘never allow’ or something similar so then there won’t be any issues.

Q10: Why are you saying this and not PG?
A10: Because no one thought of it I guess. I also thought that it would be nice to have it.

Q11: Why in your first page design you have entered squared brackets ()?
A11: Because that will be the information that the game will enter.

Q12: Where will the first page be based? (the image above)
A12: When you go to Team meeting hall and select a team member to view the available dragons to borrow.

Q13: For how many runs can you have the borrowed dragon?
A13: I thought up to 3 times per day.

Q14: Is there a time limit of using a borrowed dragon?
A14: If this feature will be added, I thought of using it up to 12 hours. After the time is up, that dragon will be off the list. If it’s used 3 times it will do the same (it shouldn’t be sitting the for the whole 12 hours).

Q15: Can you choose between fun runs and earning XP for them?
A15: If that will be added, that would be great to have.

Q16: Is this what will happen?
A16: This is my view of how it should look like and how it should work. But you can choose too to make any suggestions you may have. If this is going to be added, lets better hurry up and think of as many ideas as possible before they’ll start making it (if PG would like it, that is).

I hope you all like this idea. But whether that will happen, it’s unknown.

Kind of defeats the purpose of working hard to get dragons if people lower than you can just use them when they want. It would completely imbalance the game and levels wouldn’t even have any bearing anymore. Cheating and hacking through this would also become a huge problem. There are several holes in this plan. If my teammate wants to fly a dragon I have, he can spend as much time as I did getting it.

Edit: Will say I do like how much time and work it looks like you put into this for people to understand it. It’s a nice looking proposal but the content is what I don’t completely agree with.

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There are other games that involve low lvls using teammate monsters. For example I played a game not to long ago, don’t remember the name but I was a newbie and I used my friend’s monster that was the highest in the game. However it limited me to 1 use per day. It’s not a bad idea. Either way teammates help each other by joining attacks.

  • The ruby thing will NOT happen though, u don’t get rubies for borrowing other people’s dragons.
  • 5 that can be borrowed!?! More like 1 or 2.
  • I’d say max 1 use per day because allowing teammates to borrow dragons while they are offline kinda defeats the purpose of back up.

Very organized post and detailed though, thank u! Sadly I doubt Pg has time for anything like this

Yeah, true. Unless it will only allow players near to their own level, like a level 25 player borrowing a level 26 player’s dragon or other way round because it then shouldn’t be unbalanced that much. But at the same time… it can still cause issues, right?



The ruby thing was just an example. For Q6, I was thinking of a list of 5 dragons so teammates can choose which one. Sorry, I should have made it clearer. I actually do think I agree in having to only borrow 1 dragon per day.

Obviously, I’m not really expecting for features like this one to be released. But at least we are getting some positive and negative thoughts and ideas on it.

Practically, War Dragons basically has a “borrow a dragon from a teammate” feature, but it requires more coordination and social behavior


What are you referring to? Teammates joining battles? :thinking:

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I’m sorry just no. This leaves no purpose to level up low dragons because you can just use your teammates. Also it will let low levels use dragons that are way to OP for their level, they could just tear apart any base that was even 10-20-30 levels above their own because let’s say they’re using a platinum dragon. I just think this idea is to OP and will make it so you don’t level your dragons, it won’t work.

You obviously didn’t read the whole post and didn’t consider that teammates join low levels to help in back up anyways. There are players who back their alt in every single attack. Just requires coordination

Um NO, sharing Dragons. Helping your teammates absolutely . That’s why you’re a team. But that is not something that supports the EFFORTS of the people who worked as hard as I did to build my dragons.To allow newer players the privilege of the same attack power as a high-level player and giving them the same advantages,what is the incentive for them to work as hard . No I don’t think so!

I like the amount of thought you obviously invested in this, thank you.

Unfortunately I agree with the thought that this isn’t really something I would want. Now if you could come up with some new interesting event, that would be great!

So I don’t agree with the idea of being able to borrow a dragon for normal game use.

HOWEVER, I do think it would be really cool if there were some way to test fly dragons in a ‘dummy’ environment that does not affect the community at large. Perhaps charge a few rubies to test out each season dragon for 3 runs before making a selection - something to that effect.

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