Bot use in Atlas?

How prevalent is bot use in Atlas?

I’m vaguely aware of the existence of bots in use in Atlas and that many teams use it to manage their castle ecosystem, but I was wondering how much can the most “advanced” bots do for a team? Specifically, are there bots out there that run attacks for your account? Obviously it’s possible in many games (just think Diablo). Was talking with a teammate who’s a developer and he surmises that’s it’s definitely possible with WD.

Feel like the existence of botting is something that doesn’t get talked about much but is open secret.

Very prevalent . Kill them all

I’lol never tell you alive.

But there shouldn’t be, and if there is it is a banable offense.

Others bots used to lookup info, or alerts are extremely common


I am definitely familiar with botting used in team management (used it extensively in another game to manage team info). I’ve run across a few instances where I’ve speculated that perhaps a bot was used to run attacks. I don’t have any concrete evidence, and I hesitate to accuse anyone of doing this. But it seems like it’s possible - the bot wouldn’t be able to auto-run any base but could crush comparatively weak bases.

i would like a bot hit my or my teammates base while i defend.
without hacked dragons of course :sparkles::eyes::sparkles:

play clean people!

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The forums are replete with accusations of the use of trapbots, enfeeblebots, hammerbots and other forms of treachery that automatically does something in game. As far as I know, all of these have been refuted, and were the result of the perception of a big team that if they get spanked by a small team, it must be due to bot use and not skill.

In one such tirade the top-tier player complaining didn’t know that a trapper’s cooldown starts when the trap stars rather than ends, so with enough troops on it a prim can be cycle-trapped for hours (which is what happened).

There was one instance where I thought a defendbot was in use. The same defender would always join and start throwing hammers seemingly randomly (on level 1 mage farms, nowhere near the incoming dragon, etc.). It was so useless just laughed and didn’t bother reporting it.


Maybe someone got too many hammers lmao. Try it again now and check if that Person still likes to heal some mage Towers for fun😂

But yea I think it wouldnt be impossible to craft such bots, so get going dear bot programmers😎

The defend bot would keep throwing hammers (unlimited resource) so yes, it was a problem specifically identified in war waves where the same player could be seen defending multiple concurrent runs.
Enough hammers is enough to stop a 7 flame (although think it was 5 flame back then).

Hardest thing is that its almost impossible to prove unless you have multiple people recording video of all wave attacks with a time reference, and so being able to prove concurrency.

Defence bots like that are injected after the battle has been initiated (left PG and on arrival at device) so impossible for PG to spot.

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Are you saying the “defenders” joining all these attacks won’t show in the logs or battle videos?

In atlas there are no battle videos. They should show in normal logs.

Wish pg’d let android devices to show more than one replay before making any changes to that. :grin:

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