Bounty Harbor glitch


I just wanted to see if anyone else is having the same glitch I am. Whenever I try to collect from the bounty harbor, the game declares there is a sync error and reloads.

Bounty Harbor glitch Take 2

do you see what you are receiving when collecting it? If you see it, try to consume it before collecting it. might help you on that one.


The game might be flagging you for potential… unsolicited gains.

Tread carefully.


I understood that reference :nerd_face:


Assuming that you’re just using it normally, I’d suggest asking support to check your account to see if anything strange happened.

After a random crash, I ended up being able to run a different set of egg missions twice in a row, but I don’t think the earlier set that I ran was credited. Support confirmed that everything checked out :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting this. We’ve added it to our todolist.


Yes, it is six evasion spells. The sync error message occurs about 10 to 15 seconds after collection


I am pretty sure no illicit activity has been associated with my account, unless someone hacked it. How big of a risk is there of an outsider hacking your account?


Someone actually getting hacked is less likely than people sharing account details/a device or leaving their device unlocked and sitting around. That or people who use passwords like password, abcd, etc. :laughing:


I think normally its around 2 spells; so thats why its flagging you


As of today, the glitch seems to be resolved. Thank you PG


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