Bounty Harbor nerfed as well

Sooooo just collect the bounty harbor and got 15 rubies. Is this a part of the apology for messing up the game? @Arelyna

@PGEggToken @PGCrisis

No… It’s a random thing, sometimes it gives out rubies instead of boosts, etc.


This is not a nerf…standard. First claim of the day is a little higher, other than that if you get rubies its 15.

I haven’t gotten 15 rubies from in in a long time. That is an insult and not worth collecting.

It’s usually not worth collecting aside from it taking no time at all to click it when you’re in game. Better than an evasion spell :man_shrugging:


Maybe it was a glitch but mine has been way better than that. If this is what it will be from now on I probably wont collect it anymore. Is 15 the normal amount of rubies you get from it?

It is for me. But I prefer rubies than a spell such as evasion (as it was mentioned above). :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’ve gotten 15 rubies from BH quite a few times. The rest of the rewards are… unremarkable.

The 15 rubies is probably the best reward it gives other than the “first check in of the day” lol

THat is standard for BH it sucks but it is true. BH is totally useless once you’re even a Lv 30. Every once and a while you get SLIGHTLY better stuff but yah it sucks. I think that PG should make better stuff come out of it or let us upgrade it so we can get actually useful stuff. But yes, currently BH is useless

Agreed :point_up_2: I think BH should be scaled based on level - higher you are, the better rewards you get. Within reason of course, lol.

When I was abroad for a week and logged in only once a day to keep my activity up I got 60 rubies twice. :smiley:

I can look into it, but from my experience, I also get fairly low ruby amount from the Bounty Harbor. 15 rubies as a drop has also been common lately on my game.

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Bounty harbor has been “nerfed” for the past 15 months or longer. Prizes are not relevant and do not scale. On the other hand its free stuff so who is complaining?

But it is a little like your grandmother giving you a quarter and telling you not to spend it all at once.


I actually get 15 or 30 rubies in my bounty harbor drops. 30 rubies on my first checkin this morning.

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Maybe upgrades available for this? Make the wood cost every 20 storage levels or something so it unlocks at certain intervals.

Could either give more items per collect or could decrease the time between deliveries (aka more incentive to log in earlier). Or could even add more items to the drop list like a mystic fragment or event items like inner fire or energy packs at certain levels

Either way just a thought. 🤷 Not sure that the PG incentive would be high enough to commit to doing the work on it since they already have the log in incentive in place.

Make the upgrades cost Elemental Embers. Incentive problem solved. :wink:

Best analogy yet-- and it applies to BH, gold chests, and egg tokens for the majority of us as well.

Maybe look into how to make this worth while.