Bounty harbor prize

Hello! Wanted to ask out of curiosity if anyone else has gotten a vial with a purple liquid from bounty harbor and what is it used for? Cant find it after i collect it. Thank you!!

This is likely an XP potion. They are different colors depending on how much XP they give at lower levels. Try training a dragon you don’t have enough XP on!

Xp potion. Use on a dragon that still needs xp to level up.

Edit sigh too slow.

I tried going to the screen where I can use xp potions but only see the green ones… nothing purple… i will try to remember to get a screenshot next time I see it, just to confirm… thank you!:laughing::laughing::laughing:

If the game has problems loading assets for whatever reason, it’ll show default icons, such as a green heart, old kastor image, purple potion, etc.

If that’s what you saw, it’s an XP potion like people have written :slight_smile:

where is the idea of dragon use drug to get more experience come from?

Thanks :laughing::+1:

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